Snake-Like UFO Appears Over Italy After Former…

A snake-like UFO was spotted over a town in Italy just a few days after a former US Marine claimed such UFOs had been spotted […]


dame-de-pique: Headstones in a Cemetery, c.1…


Headstones in a Cemetery, c.1930-1980







“If you asked most people whether they believed in love or not, they’d probably say they didn’t. Yet that’s not necessarily what they truly think. It’s just the way they defend themselves against what they want. They believe in it, but pretend they don’t until they’re allowed to. Most people would throw away their cynicism if they could. The majority just never get the chance.”

— Alain de Botton, Essays in Love

thestylesupreme: omg, I love this dress so mu…


omg, I love this dress so much! I saw it on the Gwynnie Bee website and it was love at first sight. This is the first dress I’ve tried from Cherry Velvet, and I adore it! 

Dress: Cherry Velvet via Gwynnie Bee

Shoes: Aerosoles

Necklace: Dots

Sunglasses: Forever 21

generationexorcist: Albert de Rochas, the Fat…


Albert de Rochas, the Father of Future Life Progression

Occasionally, the rabbit hole goes deeper than one expects. I was
doing a little research on a particularly odd experiment by the famous
French parapsychologist Eugène Auguste Albert de Rochas d’Aiglun
(1837-1914), and discovered that he is uncredited with spawning what
looks to be something of a modern industry, that is, “future life
progression” (FLP). Google the term. There seem to be a virtual army of
hypnotherapists out there offering this service. According to the Future
Life Progression Academy (and one assumes they would know), FLP
“combines, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Meditation. It is a
guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct
vibrational frequency to glimpse your future and bring forth that which
is for your greatest good”. Perhaps I don’t have the proper vibrational
frequency to understand what the hell they’re talking about. At any
rate, people seem to be making money doing this. Whatever floats your
goat. Yet, I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due,
thus onto our friend Albert de Rochas.

Albert de Rochas was an impressive dude, mostly regarded by the
dwindling number of people who actually remember him for his extensive
work in parapsychology, studying hypnotism, telekinesis, “magnetic
emanations”, reincarnation, spirit photography, and past life regression
– and mostly was interested in looking for a scientific basis for
occult phenomena.

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myhauntedsalem: Zombie RoadSt. Louis, Missouri…


Zombie Road
St. Louis, Missouri

Zombie Road is perhaps one of the most fascinating and of course one of the most haunted places in Missouri. It was officially known as Lawler Ford Road, but it has been known as Zombie Road since the 1950s. There are many chilling tales that are associated with the road including one about the so called ‘zombie killer’. He is supposed to have been a creepy loner who lived in a shack in the woods and would attack young lovers who came to the spot for some alone time! It is not known if there is any truth to this particular legend.

Other chilling tales about Zombie Road include ghost sightings, vanishings and strange noises. One of the creepiest is the story of Della Hamilton McCullough, the wife of a local judge who died in 1876 when she was hit by a train. She us now said to haunt zombie road. However, what Zombie Road is most famous for is the shadow people. There have been several photographs captured by credible witnesses which show large numbers of shadow people standing in the woods by the side of Zombie Road. These are believed to be the souls of Native American orphans who were tortured while at a nearby orphanage in 1913.