cryptid-wendigo: The International Cryptozoology Museum could…


The International Cryptozoology Museum could use your help! If you can spare some money to help further the study and help this amazing museum, it is greatly appreciated!

From the GoFundMe:

“The nonprofit, 501©3 International Cryptozoology Museum is launching a 2017 GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for our

(1) Second Annual International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, Maine over Labor Day Weekend (see more details here;

(2) collection upgrades through improvements in our display cases, labeling, and especially for a new Wessie (see here exhibition;

(3) purchase (via the State of Maine) informational Interstate 95 and I-295 highway signs to direct visitors to our Museum;

(4) time-limited artifacts and acquisitions that vanish without timely funding; and

(5) routine operating costs to support the running of our conference and daily staffing of our Thompson’s Point, Portland, Maine, facility.”