* * *
AN AMPHIBIOUS MONSTER. (December 14, 1906)
Seen In Lake Champlain by a Number of Different Persons.

A monster animal-fish was seen in Lake Champlain opposite Charles L. Parrish’s on Wednesday, November 23, by Lewis Wilkinson, the Port Franklin ferry man. Wilkinson states that the monster or supposed shark was from 25 to 80 feet in length and made great speed in the water, throwing water in all directions. The monster has several times been seen opposite Port Henry, also at other places, and in appearance has great strength. Sailors have been frightened of late at the sight of this monster following their vessels. As the creature appears to be able to exist partly out of the water it may be a more dangerous prodigy than is generally supposed.

* * *

The monster seen in the Mississippi river above Memphis a few months ago by the captain and crew of a towboat reappeared the other day near island ninety-five. This time the frightful creature was seen by some of the crew of a produce boat. The monster’s body was shaped like a snake’s, his tail forked like a fish’s and his bill formed like a pelican’s. His bill was about six feet long and a flowing black mane stood out from his head, which was erected eight feet above the water, as he swam majestically down the stream. One twist of his forked tail knocked off the steering oar of the produce boat and sent the crew in terror to the hold. The ill starred craft now lies moored at Vicksburg, deserted by all the crew but one man, the others believing that the monster is lying in wait for this particular boat to sink it out of sight.

* * *
A BIG TURTLE. (August 17, 1899)

The latest “fish” story is to the effect that one of the water holes south of Y street, in the vicinity of the dumps, contains a monster sea turtle. Persons who claim to have seen the creature say its probable weight is between 200 and 300 pounds.

* * *
A STRANGE MONSTER. (October 18, 1889)

According to a French paper, a sea monster, such as no fisherman has ever seen before, has been stranded on the island of St. Honorat, near Cannes. The creature measures eighteen feet in length, and is about seventeen feet round the thickest part of the body. It has a beak rosembling that of a parrot and two horns on its head ; its eyes are at a distance of three feet four inches from the extremity of the beak.

* * *
A Great, Flat Headed, Horrible Creature.

Washington, Nov. 23.—(Spl.)—Our old tried and true friend, the sea serpent, has bobbed up again. There can be no shadow of doubt of his existence now for Uncle Sam himself stands sponsor for him. In an official report; backed by all the official proofs in the way of signatures that can be asked for, the Hydrographic bureau describes his snakeship. The following is the report made by Henry H. Neligan, third officer of the steamship Irade, regular observer for the bureau, dated Oct. 26:

“At 11 a. m. today to latitude 27 degrees, 26 minutes north and longitude 90 degrees 18 minutes west, passed a large sea serpent appearing about 100 feet long. The head had a blunt square nose and was ejecting water to a height of two or three feet from its nostrils. The animal or fish had three distinct sets of fins and a tail lying across, like a porpoise. On its back was a series of humps, like a camel, it was heading about east, (true) and moving slowly.

The part of the ocean specified is the Gulf of Mexico. The word “true” within the parenthesis is not meant to be applied to the veracity of the story, but indicates that the direction taken by the monster was “true east, instead of the mariners east, as measured by the magnetic compass.

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