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Chile: “Patagonia is Being Visited by an Intelligence We Cannot Understand”

Source: Planeta UFO and Tiempo Sur (
Date: 10.25.2017

Chile: “Patagonia is Being Visited by an Intelligence We Cannot Understand”

These were the words spoken to TS-Digital by Patricio Frias, director of UFO Noise Patagonia. His group is devoted to the study and diffusion of the subject of UFOs in the region. In an interview, he explained the area is ‘visited’ by entities due to its high electromagnetic energy and mineral deposits.

Patricio Frias is a regional ufologist and director of the UFO Noise Patagonia organization, a group responsible for collecting reports and disseminating cases involving sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as manifestations, chases and encounters involving these “entities”. TS-Digital interviewed Frias, who explained the nature of his work for the organization and why the region boasts some of the highest numbers of sightings. He noted that “Patagonia is visited by an intelligence we cannot understand”, while explaining that the phenomena occur due to the large amount of water and mineral reserves. As documented by UFO Noise, at least 150 anomalous events have taken place in the region.

I find the possible correlation between fresh water sources and ufo/entity activity intriguing.