cryptid-wendigo: The Sea Serpent of Seneca Lake gained fame…


The Sea Serpent of Seneca Lake gained fame when it was sighted on July 14th, 1899. The captain of a steam boat out on the lake noticed what he thought was an overturned boat a fair distance away. The steamboat inched closer until it got 100 yards from what it thought was an upturned vessel. However, the object began to move. The steamboat gave chase and the captain reported that this was no boat. Whatever it was was “raising its head, looked in the direction
of the boat and opened its mouth, displaying two rows of sharp, white teeth”. The captain chased after the creature in his steamboat, wanting to ram it, to capture it. Eventually, he did just this. The boat struck the sea monster hard enough that the boat’s passengers were tossed off their feet.

“It raised its head, gave what sounded like a gasp, and lay quiet. Its spinal column had
been broken and it was dead.” Ropes were used to bring the sea monster onto the boat, but one of them broke,the creature hit the water hard, and it began to sink. The monster was lost, and people began telling their stories.