The Ted Bundy Ghost Story



Ghost Of Ted Bundy Setting In The Electric Chair

In April of 2001 a guard retired from the Florida State Prison at Raiford, Florida. With the condition that no one reveal his name he told a story to a Tampa Newpaper reporter that was strange and spooky.


He stated that shortly after Ted Bundy was put to death in the Florida Electric chair that guards including himself would go into the room where the electric chair was located and there would be Ted setting in the chair. He would not be strapped in or or anything he would just be setting there smiling at who ever came in the room like he knew a secret. When you would approach the chair or speak he would simply vanish. At one point the former guard said it got so bad that you could not get a guard to go into the room. Other guards began to report that they would see Ted in the area of his former cell where he spent the last hours of his life. Some claimed he spoke to them and all reported he said the same thing. It was “ Well I beat all of you didn’t I ” The former guard said the Warden and Wardens staff went guard to guard and told them that any guard who reported what was going on at the prison would be fired. Several didn’t have to be warned they quit after seeing Ted a time or two.

And the former guard said Ted was not the only ghost out at Starke haunting the prison.