Wandering Man In The Rain Jacket


About a year or so ago my mom had mentioned to me that her and a neighbor thought they saw a ghost of a man in a rain jacket who was hanging out by the gate of our gated community trailer park. The whole park is fenced and the gate goes across the entrance with a walk in gate and a drive through gate. I passed it off as nothing or them just seeing things or a regular person. A couple days later when I was home alone, I saw the man in the rain jacket by the gate. At first I thought it was a regular man roaming the park until I noticed he didn’t open the walk in gate but instead walked right through it. I thought I was seeing things but kept it in the back of my mind. A week or so later I was driving a friend home at 3am and when I was driving back alone on the road beside the park, I had seen nothing in front of me and then out of nowhere I saw the man in the rain jacket fully standing in front of me in the middle of the road. Before I had just seen his back to me leaving the park but this time he was standing facing me. He was tall and looked like an older man but from this century. He was there only for a few seconds and then disappeared. Nobody else was on the road and I scanned everywhere for him and he was just gone. I was scared I had almost hit him and in the morning I had told my mom about it and seeing him at the gate before to see if it sounded like the same man. She told me it was an exact description of what her and the neighbor saw and that he wasn’t a resident and nobody has seen him before. After that night I haven’t seen him since but I hope he’s okay.