Burney, California: The Child Ghost that Haunts Black Ranch Road


The town of Burney, California, has a history tainted by
death and destruction. The area itself used to be known as “the valley where
Burney died” after a settler who died there in the 1850s, and it’s located at
the base of an extinct volcano. Worse, a dead child haunts the nearby Black
Ranch Road.


The Girl in the White Dress

Everyone knows to never drink and drive.

Drunken drivers are responsible for 31% of road deaths in
the United States every year. If someone is careless and selfish enough to ignore
public service announcements and statistics and take a drive down Black Ranch
Road while drunk, the ghost of a child will appear to take

The little girl ghost is dressed in white, and her hair
is matted with blood. She only appears to those who dare to drive under the

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