curiouscryptids: Mothman I-35W Bridge Collapse On August 1, 2007…


Mothman I-35W Bridge Collapse

On August 1, 2007 the I-35W bridge crossing the Mississippi River in Minnesota collapsed. The tragedy killed 13 people and 145 were injured, but some people say they could have seen it coming.

About a month prior to the event sightings of a large bird-like creature was seen around the area of the bridge. Many reports came in about the large bird but officials shrugged it off as a heron or crane. It wasn’t until after the collapse that many paranormal investigators and cryptozoolgists took note of the sightings. Many of them claimed it was another return of the infamous harbinger, the Mothman.
Although it may be interesting to think that the Mothman could have tried to warn us of yet another bridge collapse, it’s entirely possible that it was just a large bird.

Mothman or not, the victims of the tragedy will be remembered. The sightings of the large bird could have just been rumors or a heron. While it may be fascinating to think about the Mothman appearing at another bridge collapse, those affected by the tragedy cannot be forgotten.