unexplained-events: Hoia Baciu Forest Located…


Hoia Baciu Forest

Located in Transylvania, this forest is a hot-spot for UFO sightings and unusual activity. It has been called the “Bermuda Triangle” of Romania. According to a local legend the forest is actually named after a shepherd that disappeared in the forest along with his 200 sheep.

The photograph on the right is of a UFO that was taken by Alexandru Sift during a scientific research trip to the forest. Since then many people have reported seeing UFO’s in the area.

There is also a large clearing (left picture) in the forest almost in the shape of a perfect circle. It is termed as a “dead vegetation” zone. Test samples of the soil don’t show any reason why nothing grows there. Some consider it a landing zone for UFOs while others believe the center of the forest is haunted by ghosts and demons. There are stories of people disappearing in the forest and when they come out, they have no memory of what happened. There is a story of a 5 year old girl who disappeared in that forest and was found 5 years later wearing the same clothes with no memory of what had happened.

There is a very interesting documentary you can watch about the forest. It is called Baciu Forest, “a Romanian Bermuda Triangle”