Card Reading for Saturday 06 January 2018


Sacred Rebels Oracle Visions Of Life Beyond Death
Energies around us are changing, so do we.  This card is equivalent to Death Card in Tarot
This is your awakening, both spiritually & physically. 
It’s time to open your heart, open your soul.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Visions Of Life Beyond Death
Sacred Rebels Oracle Visions Of Life Beyond Death
The more open you are, more closer you are to receiving true vision. The more love you’ll feel and recognise around you. 
Somethings may appear in change of form, such as death, breaking up, ending something, moving away from your loved ones, the pain doesn’t stop when you realize all those changes, it will only go away when you adjust yourself to live with pain, and learn to be happy with what you have and being grateful to who you are, and what you have, being grateful that you have food on your table, you have a roof over your head. 
When you finally learn to be happy you’ll find peace. 
The vision of love (like on yesterday’s post I mentioned that love comes in many different shapes and forms) that can make us move.  
You are loved, you might be a parent and loved by your kids, you might be a spouse loved by your partner, you might be a child loved by your grand/parents. You might be a friend loved by your friends, You might be an uncle and aunt love and loved by your nephew & niece.
It’s all about feeling love, giving love and feeling happy, feeling in peace.
Take action if you are or if you have been wondering about your life path..
Don’t forget that you are watched over and protected by your loved ones, who already left this universe. 
Whatever or Whoever is bothering you, they will not be able to harm you 

You are concerned that something – someone will be able to getway for what they have done, but don’t worry it’s not gonna happen
You are also concerned that something and someone is blocking your way but don’t worry… 
Justice will serve
Change your perspective and look into things differently,  “ying yang”..  If someone / something is doing bad for you, there’s always a good in it, maybe you’ll do another thing much better, maybe you’ll meet someone nicer, maybe trying another pill will make your health get better.  
Be inspired, see / imagine that bright light that will bring you what you want.