Second Shadow


“My house isn’t haunted per se, but there’s definitely something hanging around in there. We built our house 19 years ago a year after I was born, it wasn’t built on any Indian burial grounds or a Civil war battle site, so growing up nothing unusual ever happened. It didn’t start until my cousin bought an Ouija board from Toys R Us, we went up to my attic, which is just an open area with a TV and couch and a short bookcase. We set it up right on the middle of the room, and let me tell you, we fucked to from the start. We didn’t try to set up any precaution cuz just in and started asking questions. Nothing happened so we just put it away underneath the couch and forgot about it.

Later that month we were watching The Omen, and (SPOILER ALERT) right as Damian’s nanny jumps off the balcony our bookcase gets pushed about two feet. It’s not light either, it takes at least two people to move it. We go downstairs and leave it alone for awhile. Now every time we watch anything spooky we hear footsteps or banging from up there. Always just up stairs. Or at least until about a week ago.

I left my phone charger in my mom’s car, the entrance to the garage is on the middle floor where my grandparents live, I grabbed my charger and headed through the door connecting the garage to the house. Being old people they like to keep as many doors as they can locked, so I started to lock the door when it caught, I looked down at the knob to see if I could figure out what was wrong and I saw my dark shadowy reflection. I didn’t noticed anything wrong until I looked a little closer, and right behind me was a thick black shadow a little taller than I was. I check behind me to see if my grandparents or my sister was coming to check who was up, but no one was there. I chalked it up to maybe being the bend in the knob creating two shadows. I run downstairs into my room and decide to just double check the knob. One shadow. Needless to say, they’ve migrated.”

By: @annaxation