myhauntedsalem: Possible Lady in Red sighting…


Possible Lady in Red sighting at Hotel Vancouver

Sometimes you work really hard to get a good shot. Other times you just get lucky. In this particular case we have someone who worked hard to get a good shot and came away with a more than they expected.

Vancouver elevator technician Scott Graham was working on the top floor of the Hotel Georgia when he decided to snap a shot of the beautiful Hotel Vancouver across the street.

After spotting something in one of the windows he zoomed it further to find this.

Now that’s clearly someone, or something, standing there in red.

The Lady in Red is something of a famous ghost. It’s said she mainly haunts the top floors of the Hotel Vancouver but has been spotted all over. The Lady in Red is the alleged spirit of Jennie Pearl Cox, a wealthy socialite from the 1940’s. As the story goes, the ballroom of the Hotel Vancouver was her favorite stomping grounds. Cox died in car crash near the hotel in 1944 and shortly after the Lady in Red began appearing.

One story told is that of a Japanese family who checked into a room on the 14th floor only to call the reception desk asking whether the room had been double-booked. They described seeing a Lady in Red in the room which caused their confusion.

The hotel has confirmed that the area this photo was taken is officially shut down to the general public. There was absolutely no reason for someone to be there.