The next UFO encounter my dad had with my uncle is the creepiest one, I think. This time, it was my dad, uncle and my dad’s first wife. Definitely would have been sometime in the 80s, after the first encounter. They were all driving together and someone ended up spotting a UFO hovering over this large area of trees that was home to a little teeny tiny cemetery down a dirt road. He told me that it was another saucer shaped object that was brightly lit. At this time, my dad stopped the car so they could watch it from a distance. My uncle and dad’s first wife were both really freaked out and wanted nothing to do with the object, while my dad was completely fascinated and wanted to follow it after they watched it totally descend and appear to land in the area of the cemetery. My dad tried to convince the other people there to go with him down into the cemetery to see what the UFO was doing, but they absolutely refused. My dad didn’t want to go alone, even though he was determined to check it out, and decided to just leave. They never saw the UFO come back up into the sky as they drove away, so he can only guess that it remained in the cemetery. – Astra, starseedrising