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Are Octopuses An Extraterrestrial Species That Came To Earth
Millions Of Years Ago?

Science news: Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago“. That bizarre headline kept repeating itself in my Twitter feed overnight, as multiple people tweeted or retweeted the link. One glance at the source though told me all I need to know – it was from the Express, a news outlet that I try my best never to link to here on the Grail, because they seem to have a habit of trawling the internet for obscure, unproven theories and posting them as ‘news’.

But then I started seeing the same story from more trustworthy science news sources – “Viruses, ET and the octopus from space: the return of panspermia“, read the headline at Cosmos, and it cited a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology co-authored by 33 researchers from a wide range of reputable universities and research institutes.

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Ancient tentacled things from outer space? Sounds familiar.