Every conversation I have with people over the age of 30 is a conversation where someone is telling me that “this is the path they’re stuck with” and “there is no going back”. Someone is constantly talking to me about the “responsibilities of life that I will someday endure” and act like they are on a conveyer belt towards death and they cannot navigate the ride even though they have their hands on the steering wheel. My passion and optimism is seen as a byproduct of my youth, yet they forget or don’t realize my passion and optimism has been beaten out of me more than once already by society, by the government, by family, by friends, by abusive lovers, by my own brain even. It takes fucking courage to be optimistic and passionate. It takes courage to tell everyone that that is bullshit. That you are going to drive down whatever road you want and they are welcome to follow, but if not, get out of the way. You are brave. Those people telling you “that’s just how life is” or are stuffing fears or norms down your throat are not people you have to have in your life. There are roadblocks and pot holes, baby, but don’t let the bastards get you down.