Carl Jung and The Shadow


Shadow is the second side of ourselves that is comprised of qualities
that we condemn and feel guilty about. The aspect of our
personalities that we see as ‘inferior’.

These qualities
are repressed throughout life and are most usually the result of our
childhood and upbringing. It could be parents, teachers, or others
that punish or scold us for certain behavior. Though they don’t
cause our Shadow development in it’s entirety, they are a part of

other part is ourselves as the child, the processor of these
incidents. Ultimately we are the ones who process this information,
rationalize it, and accept it as truth.

What qualities get repressed
and what doesn’t really depends on us as individuals. We process
information based on our own lens,
our own perspective, which creates our internal reality.

individuals may experience the same environments, punishments, and/or
behavioral corrections, but turn out differently because of how they
processed them as individuals while they grew up.

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