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Albert de Rochas, the Father of Future Life Progression

Occasionally, the rabbit hole goes deeper than one expects. I was
doing a little research on a particularly odd experiment by the famous
French parapsychologist Eugène Auguste Albert de Rochas d’Aiglun
(1837-1914), and discovered that he is uncredited with spawning what
looks to be something of a modern industry, that is, “future life
progression” (FLP). Google the term. There seem to be a virtual army of
hypnotherapists out there offering this service. According to the Future
Life Progression Academy (and one assumes they would know), FLP
“combines, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Meditation. It is a
guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct
vibrational frequency to glimpse your future and bring forth that which
is for your greatest good”. Perhaps I don’t have the proper vibrational
frequency to understand what the hell they’re talking about. At any
rate, people seem to be making money doing this. Whatever floats your
goat. Yet, I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due,
thus onto our friend Albert de Rochas.

Albert de Rochas was an impressive dude, mostly regarded by the
dwindling number of people who actually remember him for his extensive
work in parapsychology, studying hypnotism, telekinesis, “magnetic
emanations”, reincarnation, spirit photography, and past life regression
– and mostly was interested in looking for a scientific basis for
occult phenomena.

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