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Zombie Road
St. Louis, Missouri

Zombie Road is perhaps one of the most fascinating and of course one of the most haunted places in Missouri. It was officially known as Lawler Ford Road, but it has been known as Zombie Road since the 1950s. There are many chilling tales that are associated with the road including one about the so called ‘zombie killer’. He is supposed to have been a creepy loner who lived in a shack in the woods and would attack young lovers who came to the spot for some alone time! It is not known if there is any truth to this particular legend.

Other chilling tales about Zombie Road include ghost sightings, vanishings and strange noises. One of the creepiest is the story of Della Hamilton McCullough, the wife of a local judge who died in 1876 when she was hit by a train. She us now said to haunt zombie road. However, what Zombie Road is most famous for is the shadow people. There have been several photographs captured by credible witnesses which show large numbers of shadow people standing in the woods by the side of Zombie Road. These are believed to be the souls of Native American orphans who were tortured while at a nearby orphanage in 1913.