myhauntedsalem: Gibbs FarmhouseSt. Paul, MN


Gibbs Farmhouse
St. Paul, MN

Another one of the most haunted places in Minnesota which can be found in St Paul is Gibbs Farmhouse. In 1867, a nine year old Willie Gibbs faced a raging prairie fire that threatened to engulf the family farmhouse. The house was spared, but sadly young Willie died of smoke inhalation soon afterwards. 

However, he appears to have stuck close to his family home, which is now a museum, and his spirit is every bit as boisterous as you might expect the average 9 year old boy to be! He is known to remove toys from locked display cabinets and leaves them scattered across the floor for staff to tidy away. He also likes to open and close cabinet doors and he is capable of making quite a noise rocking back and forth in a rocking chair upstairs. Some even claim to have seen his little face peering at them from the windows as they walk by!