cryptidsundays: The Giant Dragonfish-


The Giant Dragonfish-

The Giant Dragonfish has only been sighted once by a William Beebe in a bathysphere, of the coast of Bermuda in 1932. It practically looks like a giant version of a deep sea Dragonfish. The average size for a Dragonfish is 6.2 inches, but biggest officially found was 15 inches. The Giant Dragonfish was apparently at least 6ft long. 

It had been described of having pale-blue lights on it’s side and 2 vertical tendril’s each tipped with a light. It’s head was also said to be bit bigger than an average Dragonfish in proportioned to it’s body. 

There isn’t much information about this creature but William Beebe has wrote down in finding of his voyage underwater in his book titled, ‘Half Mile Down’. 

Beware and Wonder the unknown~

(This summary was created from information gather from the internet)