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Hunted By Aliens: The Higdon Ordeal | Mysterious Universe: undefined


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Police Officer Herbert Schirmer Abduction

Date: December 3, 1967
Location: Ashland, Nebraska, United States

Sgt. Schirmer was on patrol when he encountered a UFO hovering above the road, which shot up when he flashed his high beams at the object. Soon, Schirmer realized he had experienced “missing time”, and a red welt appeared on his neck. Hypnotic sessions revealed that the occupants of the landed craft came and took Schirmer aboard, and communicated with him through some form of mental telepathy. They told him that they would visit him twice more and that some day he would “see the universe”.



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The Alien Abduction: Pascagoula man says he ha…

The Alien Abduction: Pascagoula man says he had an encounter with aliens

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 04:51 AM PDT

On the evening of October 11, 1973, co-workers 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker told the Jackson County, Mississippi Sheriff’s office they were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi when they heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flashing blue lights and an oval shaped object 30–40 feet across and 8–10 feet high.




“The following story was sent to me on this tumblr about and abduction”

When me and my twin brother were 2 years old and our parents were driving us home we saw a great orange diamond in the sky observing us. 14 years later I saw 3 in formation that looked at me began to spin around in a circle and vanished. I still have dreams about what went on in the ship. Message me if you are interested.

We were miles from home and woke up in bed all with peculiar thoughts in our mind.

Genetic material was taken from each of us on a table and then we were allowed to roam the ship

It held many alien life forms who were mostly children so I can only assume they were orphaned by their own race. The aliens themselves were tall and slim with a humanoid appearance

Humanish skin, black eyes and hair, small folded up wing like appendages on their backs and multiple skin tones. They seemed to have slight polymorphic abilities oddly

Me and my brother sat down with aliens as we wore some odd articles of clothing including a skin tight suit, a crown like head band that could project thoughts and some form of translators in the suit as we sat with other young beings

My parents were scanned and asked questions and then they scanned us. Time moved very slow in the ship as we began to see them less as captors and more like family friends or neighbors and the ship was HUGE on thd inside unlike the outside

We learned many things that seem almost suppressed for some odd reason but every now and again I see those ships and memories come flooding back. They were loving beings everyone there was and just seeing the ships reminds me of it and how I miss them in a way.

I still dream of them sometimes but the only other reason I can imagine aliens coming to Earth is to check on something that isn’t a 100% human but I think nobody would believe that if I told them any more

So that is my experience

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the strangest thing about the paranormal is going to place that seems so familiar but it isn’t,