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Adam Devlin and Maxine Steel spotted the bright white lights spinning in the clouds while traveling on the A77 near Galston at around 9 pm. […]

A UFO fleet has been observed orbiting the Sun in a recently-resurfaced NASA Helioviewer photo. The extraordinary claims about the NASA photograph were made by […]

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The New York Times’ UFO articles published at the end of 2017 were the perfectly appropriate amount and the best of all time for that […]

UFO Sightings Will Soon Peak. Don’t Blame The Government: undefined

Strange lights off the Outer Banks spark UFO debate: Was it aliens or the military?: undefined

A new YouTube video shows fourteen bright objects floating over the horizon in the Pamlico Sound lagoon off the North Carolina coast. The video uploader […]

A recently-resurfaced video has revealed a UFO that has been found buried in a coal mine in Russia. Russian state media claimed the strange UFO-shaped […]


UFO SIGHTING over Ocean City, New Jersey.

9/14/2019. 8-9 EST

Witness states: “I noticed something bizarre in the sky. If you watch the footage, the three points of light appear to be a triangle that at one point looks like a pyramid with a forth light. I have tried to get my exact location with coordinates (39.2565393, -74.6323995) I don’t know why I stopped filming honestly, maybe just too much anxiety/excitement cause I had idea what to think in the moment. I will say fireworks did go off right in front of whatever this was after I stopped filming, but you could still clearly see the lights. I did not watch them disappear but once I got back into our car and rounded the corner of the liquor store, they were gone.”

A black ring-shaped UFO has appeared in the sky above Russia, causing wild claims that a space portal to another dimension has formed. The exciting […]