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New 2020 UFO sighting recorded over Marcy, New York. This event happened on 12th January 2020 and it was just submitted to MUFON. Witness report: […]

Astronaut Story Musgrave talks about UFOs and his appearance at MUFON’s conference.

This was taken over Aleppo Township, a township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States on 13th January 2020. Witness report: I make it a habit […]

Alexander Weygers, a Renaissance man in the mold of the tech industry’s stated ideal, inspired an art dealer to become an acolyte. In this Hello […]

This amazing daytime UFO video was just submitted through our Facebook page. It was filmed over Suffolk, United Kingdom on Friday, 10th January 2020. Witness […]

This daytime footage of a bright unidentified flying saucer in the sky above Perth in Australia. This was taken on 25th December 2019. Witness report: […]

A recently released CIA report provides light on an apparent UFO encounter that occurred at the height of the Cold War in 1973 in Kazakhstan, […]


Another great 2020 UFO Sighting! This one was taken over the city of Los Angeles, California on 11th January 2020. Witness report: Orbs Rose from […]

Latest UFO Sightings 2020 – This one was taken over LA on 9th January. Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the […]