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Do Aliens Exist? 5 Signs and Strong Evidence T…

Do Aliens Exist? 5 Signs and Strong Evidence They Do – Unexplained News: undefined


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Shock UFO Claim – Mysterious Aerial Activity I…

Alien hunters believe the UFO that has been spotted in Argentina could be the reason for bad weather. The orb-like flying object was seen with […]

Artifacts Discovered In Utah Link To Lady of E…

The Lady of Elche is one of the most enigmatic faces of human history that dates back of the Iberian culture. Despite the Lady high […]

Multiple Pilots Report UFO Sightings Off Irela…

Reports of UFOs and bright lights off the southwest coast of Ireland have reached the Irish Aviation Authority, and they are investigating the case. According […]

Disc Shaped UFO Seen In The Skies Above Scotla…

A strange disc-shaped object has been observed in the skies above Scotland, creating speculation that aliens operated the craft. A regular person in Scotland spotted […]

Daytime UFO over Gothenburg, Sweden

Check out this interesting footage of an unidentified flying object over Gothenburg, Sweden. Filmed earlier this month (November 2018). Witness report: A strange flying object […]



Latest UFO Sightings website hacked!

Our website was down for the last two days due to the hack from the unknown source. I’ve managed to to restore backups from the […]