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“The moment of disclosure will trigger an intellectual revolution worldwide relating to the true structure of power on planet Earth.” – Richard Dolan


Pintura de David Huggins


Kufo Fanged Humanoids


  • Three fanged teeth
  • Around 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall
  • Wore a silver uniform that appeared to glow
  • Wrinkly skin
  • Dark brown
  • So wrinkled no facial features other then the fangs were noticeable
  • Large elf like ears
  • Long arms
  • Could only see slits for eyes

The ufo

  • Sighting is accompanied by a ufo sighting, with the two children who saw the creature watching it enter the craft
  • The ufo was seen by another boy as well, who reported seeing it fly over about a half an hour before the other sighting.
  • The ufo is described to be 7 feet (2.2 meters) tall, 15 feet (4.6 meters) in diameter
  • Had a domed disk shape and was silver
  • Had orange lights
  • Landed on three ball shaped legs
  • Said to have strange letters carved into the ship
  • Where the ship is said to have landed, two solid concrete posts had been “pushed over”
  • There were “landing traces” in the ground
  • A ring pattern around the soil where the concrete fell
  • Radioactivity was found in the center of the circle
  • Emitted a weird crackling/ticking sound


  • The alien was only seen by two 7-year old boys, Masato and Katsuhiro. On February 23rd, 1975 around 7 pm in Kōfu, Japan the sighting takes place. The young boys were roller blading when they see two ufos in the sky, one flies off in the direction of mount Atago, well the other lands in a vineyard near by. The two boys quickly take off their skates and rush to get a glimpse of the ship. As they watched it, they saw a hatch open up and the creature come out through a ladder. They watched the creature start to explore the land. The creature then placed a hand on Katsuhiro shoulder, patting it twice and making a sound that sounded “like a tape recorder running backwards”. Katsuhiro then fell to the ground and was paralyzed. Boldly Masato pulled his friend up to his shoulders and pulled him away from the alien. They then ran to tell their mothers who quickly believed them.
  • The mothers then followed them to the vineyard where they too saw the orange lights from a distance. The four stood watching for five minutes the mom’s then tried to get a closer look but the ufo then launched and a burst of light came from it, so bright they had to cover their eyes.
  • The next day the boys told the story at school. Many school authorities became convinced. They armed themselves with all the gear they could find, and quickly found the marks at the landing sight.


  • The cover-up~ like always the government claimed that lights were nothing more then lights of a YS-II propeller plane. This explanation only explains the lights, it doesn’t explain the alien, and stuff found at the landing sight.
  • Kinnula Humanoid~ This another alien case that I will soon be covering (I’ll link it here when I do). It’s believed they are not the same creatures but they may be from the same area of space or planet due to their ships similarities. The ships are very similar except for it having four landing legs instead of three. It also happen in the early seventies.
  • Pascagoula elephant men~ similar to the kinnula, the story kind of match up but not all the way. The creature had skin so wrinkly they could only see slits for a mouth and eyes. Instead of brown skin they had grey. A disk like ship is also seen with them.

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