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The Bermuda Traingle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the North Atlantic Ocean touching Florida’s tempura and Puerto Rico covering 700,000 square kilometres. With the mysterious disappearances of 4 planes and 20 boats each year (on average) spanning over 70 years of speculation, this remains one of the biggest conspiracies to date. Due to the number of explanations created, there are far too many for me to depict so I have summarised the most popular:

– dangerous seas: the span of the Bermuda Triangle has Rogue waves (up to 100ft tall), treacherous reefs consisting of near surface located rocks such as the isle of devils and whirlpools and blue holes. The Sargasso Sea, (a particularly dangerous area) has no shores but currents on all sides and dense seaweed causing motionless vessels. This area is also known for storms due to its location (close to the equator) and this could help to explain the number of missing ships and planes and appears to be the most logical conclusion. However, this doesn’t explain the immediate failure of electrical equipment and recordings of screaming and appearance of fear in many sailors and pilots.

– Methane bubbles: Huge craters are known to exist in the Bermuda triangle, measured to be half a mile wide and 150ft deep as discovered by the Arctic university of Norway. These craters are suspected to have methane bubbles produced from deposits oil and gas found in the sea bed floor. These bubbles can cause the water to become foam and can certainly explain the sinking ships but what about the planes?

– Electronic fog-A Hutchison effect: the fog has been heard being mentioned in blackbox messages and interviews from those travelling in boats near the Bermuda triangle; electronic equipment will all malfunction and ships are known to practically disintegrate shortly after, with minimal to no evidence ever being able to be found, other than the black box (in most recorded cases) and the fog is always know to appear. Hutchinson managed to replicated the fog over 750 times in his lab stated it was due to effects of electromagnetic fields overlapping. However, minimal evidence exists to back this theory up for the exact case of the Bermuda triangle with no recorded cases to prove this and with scientific conclusions lacking validity within the circumstance, it cannot be considered a definite solution.

– Hexagonal clouds: Scientists have discovered formations of hexagonal clouds forming ‘air bombs’ above the Bermuda triangle. Meteorologists have found similar formations above the North Sea of which can blast winds at 170 miles per hour. An explanation for the destruction of planes and ships but not of experiences of fog, odd sightings of light and other oddities

– Atlantis: the city of Atlantis is said to be a sunken city inhabiting a type of merpeople and multitudinous underwater creatures . The legend depicts that they are able to shoot fire crystals and do so at passing ships above their city. It would explain ship destruction, but what about proof of their existence?

– Aliens: black boxes and interviews have been heard to have mention flashing light, flying ships/saucers. Due to the lack of inhabitants in this area it’s difficult to find other explanations, however suggestions have been made if other transport in the area. But it does not explain the loss of so many and no evidence has been directly presented

– Coincidence: a combination of some of these suggestion or perhaps just bad weather due to the area being located to the equator and rockier oceans, as suggested by Karl Kruszelnicki

Many other explanations exist but the complexity of the area is undebatable, but whether science or legend dominates this area is still unknown.

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