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Woman Inadvertently Captures Video of a Sasquatch in Minnesota?

In November of 2012, a woman was out camping near Hovland, Minnesota with some family during Thanksgiving weekend. During this time, she decided to capture this video of her nephew chopping firewood for the first time. Weeks later in early December, the woman showed the video to a friend, who pointed out that a mysterious figure could be seen walking through the woods in the background. 

The woman claims nobody saw anything at the time. She also doesn’t believe the figure was a person, since those parts of the woods are particularly known to have hikers. If by some chance it was a person, the woman’s certain they would’ve noticed them.

Personally, I’m skeptical of this video’s authenticity. It just seems a bit too convenient that a Sasquatch walked by as this woman was filming. The figure is too far away to tell just what exactly it was, but it easily could’ve been a person in a costume. What do you think? Does this video show a real Bigfoot? Or is this simply a hoax?


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Marauding Monsters in South America | Mysterio…

Marauding Monsters in South America | Mysterious Universe:


“It was then that I saw two furry patches running away from me with a leaping sort of step through the foliage that bordered the clearing. As they bounded across the surface of a group of boulders at the far end of the clearing, I was able to catch a fleeting glimpse of them. They clearly were erect, hairy, apelike creatures, and appeared to be over 5 feet tall. Then they disappeared around the rocks into the jungle, and I heard the cracking sounds of dry twigs and branches as they hastily forged their way through the thick underbrush.”

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Bigfoot Sightings

Broke: the precipitous decline of bigfoot sightings once one gets to the the Great Plains is proof that this is just a slightly-modified population map

Woke: the precipitous decline of bigfoot sightings once one gets to the Great Plains proves the existence of at least two distinct geographically-sorted species of Bigfoot, Western and Eastern, with perhaps a minor cross-breeding migratory path along U.S. Route 18 on the South Dakota-Nebraska border

galaxy brain: bigfoot are migratory and just run through the great plains really fast

Bigfoot Observed Near Green Lakes State Park, …

Bigfoot Observed Near Green Lakes State Park, NY:

Hello – I found your email address after searching for ‘Bigfoot sightings’ on Google. I live in East Syracuse, NY and was driving home on Monday, March 25, 2019 at around 9:15 pm after spending the day with friends near Chittenango.

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Bigfoot on Police Dash-Cam

This is a quite famous Bigfoot video that was filmed back in 2009. It is of a couple officers driving down a dark road in Georgia. As they’re driving a bipedal creature darts out in front of them and crosses the road. The video is too dark to see the top half of the creature but its legs are visible, which proves whatever it was is bipedal. The anomaly appears at 0:40.

There has been no proven or disproven theory as to what was captured on the dashcam that night. There have been claims that one of the officers involved believed it was two college kids pranking drivers that night with a gorilla suit, but this has never been proven. Nor has it been proven that it was a Sasquatch. The explanation for what was caught on camera is still unknown to this day.

UPDATE: Judge Rules Province Has No Duty to Re…

UPDATE: Judge Rules Province Has No Duty to Recognize Bigfoot:


First, Standing argued that the province’s failure to give Bigfoot
protected status violated his right to free expression (Standing’s, not
Bigfoot’s), because he is “unable to fully impart information and ideas
as to specific locations where sasquatch sightings occur” for fear that
someone will go kill one. The court found, however, that keeping this
secret would be Standing’s decision, not something mandated by the

Second, Standing argued that BC’s inaction on the matter was somehow
subjecting him to “cruel and unusual punishment,” though it isn’t clear
from the opinion what he was talking about. In any event, the court
found that since BC wasn’t doing anything to Standing at all, it
certainly wasn’t “punishing” him, much less in a cruel or unusual

Third, Standing raised an argument also made in the California case,
namely that ignoring his Bigfoot pleas was discrimination on the basis
of “political or other belief.” Again, the court held this failed
because Standing hadn’t alleged that BC was doing anything to him, much less discriminating in some way between “those who believe in the sasquatch [and] those who do not.”


Todd Standing is a media whore and a nutter.

Where’s Bigfoot? Missoula, naturally. Montana’…

Where’s Bigfoot? Missoula, naturally. Montana’s 47 Sasquatch sightings most plentiful in two counties: undefined

Searching for Sasquatch

Searching for Sasquatch: undefined

Beasts of Britain meets Sasquatch Chronicles


Check out my recent interview on @sasquatchchron I had an awesome time! Cheers, very much Wes Germer