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(n.) Boże
– Christmas Day

(n.) Siano

(pl. ♀) Lampki choinkowe – fairy lights

(pl. ♀) Sanie – sleigh

(pl. ♂)
– relatives

(pl. ♂) Pierogi z kapustą (kiszoną) i grzybami – dumplings filled
with sauerkraut and mushrooms

(pl. ♂) Trzej Mędrcy – the 3 Wise Men

♀ Bombka – christmas bauble

♀ Choinka – christmas tree

♀ Jemioła – mistletoe

♀ Kartka świąteczna – christmas card

♀ Kolęda – christmas carol

♀ Pierwsza Gwiazdka – the first star

♀ Świeczka – candle

Wigilia – christmas eve

Zima – winter

Anioł – angel

Bałwan – snowman

Barszcz – beetroot soup

Biegun Północny – North Pole

Dziadek do orzechów – nutcracker

Dzwoneczek – bell

Elf – elf

Karp – carp

Komin – chimney

Kominek – fireplace

Łańcuch – chain

Opłatek – wafer

Pasterz – Shepherd

Piernik – gingerbread

Post – lent

Prezent – gift

Renifer – reindeer

Sernik – cheesecake

Stroik świąteczny – wreath

Śnieg – snow

Święty Mikołaj – Santa Claus

Żłób – manger

Niespodziewany Gość – unexpected guest

Rudolf Czerwononosy – Rudolph The Red
Nosed Reindeer

(n.) – neutral

(pl.) – plural

Here’s the list of polish words connected with Christmas – food, traditions etc. Hope you found it helpful!

– Merry Christmas!



How to celebrate YULE 


I thought to create a post about how to celebrate yule and also what you can do now that yule is approching! 

Make little wreaths out of juniper, pine, or cedar!

You can make your own christmas ornaments with oranges and apples and cinnamon sticks (along with cloves too, here’s a good tutorial on it! just click here)

Make a wishing cone! While I couldn’t find too much info on it, I believe you put wishes into the cone (you can add some herbs to enhance it) and then you light it or put it in a fire. However you could also just light a candle and put your wish upon paper and burn it. Cast it out into water and pour the water/ashes outside.

Make a witches ball for yule! And for for the coming new year so good things come!

Make yule tea, here’s a good blog that shows you how to make it, just click here

Make Cedar smudge sticks! Pine or juniper will also do, along with sage of course.

Make a yule altar

Coming to a end I have a couple of helpful links to tumblrs here!