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Possible Bigfoot Sighting Revealed As Scientists Hunt For ‘Apelike Creature’ In Oregon Forests

Explorers and scientists are on the trail of legendary ‘creature’ Bigfoot in the forests of Oregon.

They say they may have captured video footage of the beast in an area where ‘thousands’ of Bigfoot sightings have been reported.

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Cryptid of the Day: Trauko

Description: The Trauko is a dwarf or goblin creature of Chilean folklore, specifically Chiloe, a small island in Chile. Described as feetless, hideous and can lure young women into the woods using magic. Cryptozoologists have inaccurately described the creature as being the Chilean Bigfoot.


Cryptid of the Day: Toongie

Description: This was the name given to a 30 ft lizard seen in Fly River, Papua New Guinea by missionary Henry LeClerc in 1960. According to LeClerc, the creature was sunning on a log near the water. Other reports claim that the creature is a sauropod.


Cryptid of the Day: Too

Description: The only report of this pygmy species of black bear was from German naturalist Hans Schomburgk, who described the bear in his 1910 book, “Wild und Wilde im Herzen Afrikas”. Reported in East Africa, it resembles a black bear cub, and its theorized that it might be a misidentified ratel.


One of my favorite cryptids was a balloon in the 1937 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!


“Here is an excellent opportunity for some company to bust Barnum on a dicker for the monster, if they can only catch one,” wrote Joseph C. Rich in 1868 as a lake-monster craze gripped Rich County. Unfortunately, nobody has managed to catch the Bear Lake Monster so any potential prize money remains as insubstantial as the monster itself.

One thing’s for sure; the Bear Lake Monster is huge and looks like a lot like a crocodile with a jaw similar to that of an extinct, carnivorous aquatic lizard.


Recent sightings in the Rosemont area have led to this report from last July.


Of all of the unsettling denizens of the paranormal that could pop out of the darkness, one of the odder has to be the pale face of a humanoid creature beyond description, eluding all attempts to categorize it. These gaunt, hunched over specters seem to haunt the fringe of reports of the mysterious and supernatural. Yet there are countless such reports coming from people from all walks of life and from all over. Here is a selection of various reports of spectral, deathly pale beings that are humanoid to some extent, but most certainly not human, circling out past the boundaries of the truly odd.

One witness brings us the story of an anonymous Reddit poster who says he had a very spooky encounter in 2006 in rural Arkansas, in the United States. He claims that this happened when he was only 12 years old, and that he had lived in a modest house nestled on around an acre of land out in the boondocks, surrounded by dim woods and its only tendril to the outside world an unpaved dirt road meandering off through the trees. Making the whole scene even spookier is the alleged fact that there was a big old abandoned slaughterhouse somewhere back in the wooded area, as well as the remnants of some burned down house owned by anonymous parties long since gone. Whether this had anything to do with what was to come or not, the witness describes the whole area as rather “mystical and special,” as well as “odd in general,” and that his encounter would happen one evening when he went out to lie down on the outside trampoline after an argument with his parents. It was just him and that big sky with a full moon framed within it, and he says of what happened next:

So I’m laying on the trampoline, and other than the moon there isn’t any light aside from the porch light which is a ways behind me. All of the sudden I vaguely see something move. Its coming from the lot across from the dirt road, and its coming towards me. We had a Boston terrier at the time and at first I figured it was him. But as it got closer I knew that’s not what it was.

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Cryptid of the Day: Steller’s Sea Cow

Description: The Steller Sea Cow is one of many fantastic creatures who went extinct through over hunting. However, since it’s extinction, there have been many people who claimed to have seen the animal. The most recent sighting occurred in 1976 off the coast of Anapkinskaya Bay.