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If you see him anywhere but a dream

You’d be worried if you knew what it would mean

Run, don’t walk, it doesn’t matter where you are

It could all be over before you get to far

A cemetery, a car or a bridge

You just have to go

The people of Point Pleasant will tell you so

It’s not a heron they witnessed with glowing eyes, and flapping wings

It was the Mothman’s warning

Of the death he will bring

Poem by me and property of Sasysquatchgirl and Bigfootmountain copyright 12/519

All rights reserved

Fabulous art by Eerie Eric the


“It’s a story told by a man with a good handle on atmospheric writing; someone who knows how to conduct an investigation, and who kept his head on his shoulders at all times…” – Nick Redfern

Modern-day artistic representation of what the Stronsay beast might have looked like if it had literally resembled in life the eyewitness descriptions of it in death (© Tim Morris)


Bigfoot knowledge


Cryptid of the Day: Too

Description: The only report of this pygmy species of black bear was from German naturalist Hans Schomburgk, who described the bear in his 1910 book, “Wild und Wilde im Herzen Afrikas”. Reported in East Africa, it resembles a black bear cub, and its theorized that it might be a misidentified ratel.

winged humanoids.: undefined