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Lake Murray in South Carolina was created in the early 1930s for hydro-electric power, but soon became the perfect stop for fun. You can boat, kayak, water ski, fish, and simply swim.  It’s a beautiful location with gorgeous scenery.

The only thing that could dampen your day is some rain, or the reports of an agressive lake monster. 

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On a warm July day in 1924, five miners working the hillsides of Mt. St. Helens stumbled upon something otherworldly. An encounter with creatures that defied logic or reason. A chance encounter with tall, human-like ape men that stalked the miners. Communicating with chest-thumps and an eerie whistling, the “ape men” had been observing the men for a few days without their knowledge. Only when one of the men spotted one of the creatures and fired a shot did they made themselves be seen. The incident on Ape Canyon was to be one of the earliest, best documented Sasquatch encounters in modern history.

Published on 23 Feb 2020

“Somewhere in the north-woods darkness, a creature walks upright. And the best advice you may ever get is don’t go out… at night.”

Whilst these words appear to have been born out of a harmless April Fool’s Joke, for the residents of Michigan’s heartland they stir a deeply rooted apprehension. The fear of a mythical beast, stories of which have been passed down through the centuries. A creature known as, The Michigan Dogman.


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Cryptid of the Day: Giant Fossa

Description: 7ft Fossa use to live on Madagascar til their extinction. When and how they died off is unknown, but some have reported seeing massive fossas. This has lead some to think that the species has survived to modern day, and are living isolated in the jungles of the island.

New Cryptozoology Documentary: Interview With A Cryptid Hunter

Published on 31 Oct 2018

A never-before-seen interview featuring cryptozoologist and adventurer Frank Graves, who explored the notorious Headless Valley in the summer of 1965 with the American Expeditionary Society.


Cryptid of the Day: Aar River Monster

Description: A giant eel-like creature seen in the Aar River in Switzerland was first reported in 1889 during a walking path construction, though folklore of the serpent can be traced as far back to the 1500s. According to these legends, these eels would attack travelers who tried to cross the river.

President Roosevelt’s Sasquatch Story and Encounter!

Published on Jan 29, 2020

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