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David Paulides’ Missing 411 miniature movie intro

Dissecting Missing 411 with The Snake Bros: Part 1 – July 20, 2019

Seriah is joined by The Snake Brothers to discuss the Missing 411 phenomena, and take it apart to try and find better questions to ask about it, and more reliable patterns.

David Paulides Bizarre Missing Persons Case Leaves More Questions Than Answers: undefined

David Paulides Bizarre Missing Persons Case Leaves More Questions Than Answers: undefined


David Paulides: Missing 411 on the “Elisa Lam Case”

Published on 1 Dec 2015

David Paulides talking about the Elisa Lam missing persons case, which is also in his book “Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence”

Elisa: The Documentary

This documentary is amazing! It also touches briefly on bigfoot and ufos featuring Ron Morehead and his bigfoot recordings and the famous Bruce Maccabee. It may be a hint that these human disappearances might relate to the paranormal in some way.


David Paulides Bow Hunters Are Now Being Found In Bizarre Circumstances

COAST TO COAST AM. Paulides also has documented cases of bow hunters’ mysterious disappearances, in which they are either not found or found under very bizarre conditions. An experienced hunter, Aaron Hedges, was hunting with friends in the ‘Crazy Mountains’ in Montana in 2014, and get separated from the group, but was in contact with them via radio, before he went missing. A week after his disappearance, they found his boots and camelback in the snow, but ground searchers and dogs yielded no further evidence in the area. Nine months later, his backpack and vest were found, 15 miles away from the other location, yet it would seem impossible that he could have traveled that distance in the snow without shoes, Paulides noted.

Trailer: Missing 411- The Hunted – Coast to Coast AM: undefined