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Multiple Sky Watchers Have Recorded a Video of…

A group of UFO researchers has seen orange coloured orbs and managed to record the mysterious event on video. David Twine, a Hampshire UFO Group […]

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oe Murgia, aka UFO Joe, on Ufology Today

Open Minds UFO Radio: Joe Murgia, aka UFO Joe, is a freelance Director of Photography and Camera Operator. He also runs the website, where […]

Fast triangle UFO filmed over Oldham edge, UK

This really fast triangular shaped craft was filmed over England back in November 2018 and just submitted to our Facebook page. Witness report: This is […]

Huge flying saucer over south Florida, 15-Mar-…

This UFO videos was just submitted through our Facebook page. It was shot in Florida on 15 March 2019. Witness report: I witnessed this on […]

Triangular UFO caught on tape over Caguas, Pu…

This was filmed on 2nd April 2019 over Puerto Rico. Witness report: At the time i was upstairs with my camera, i heard a noise, […]

‘There Are Multiple Races of Aliens Visiting P…

‘There Are Multiple Races of Aliens Visiting Planet Earth Right Now’ Tom DeLonge: undefined

A UFO Has Forced An American Airlines Flight t…

A UFO has made an American Airlines flight bound to Los Angeles returned to New York.  Officials said the aircraft struck the object on its […]

USOs, Metamaterials, and TTSA UFO Updates

Open Minds UFO Radio: Danny Silva runs the website where he covers UFO news and information. He focuses on developments and information related to […]

UFO caught on tape over New York 1-Apr-2019

Bright UFO Orbs hovering above New York on April 1st. Witness report: 2 Sightings UFO Orbs Appear Over City & UFO Breaks Apart Central NY. […]