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Old Salem Jail in Salem, Massachusetts:

The Old Salem #Jail on St. Peter Street in #Salem, Massachusetts was constructed in 1813. It was the site of over 50 #executions before finally being shut down in 1991, after being sued by several inmates due to inhumane living conditions. In 2008 the #historic property was purchased and converted into luxury #apartments, with the ground level also serving as an #arcade bar called Bit Bar Salem, and a #restaurant called The Great Escape. Residents living at the old #jailhouse often report witnessing the #apparitions of former #prisoners who were hanged at the location, as well as feeling unexplained cold spots or sudden drops in temperature. Others report hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and screams, in addition to feeling a strange presence, as if they are somehow not alone. Although the Old Salem Jail is now home to more modern amenities, much of the original brick and other features of the jail still remain, including iron-barred doors inside the building, and a trap door in the floor which marks the site where former inmates were hanged.

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Burial Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

Established in the early 1600’s, Burial Hill #Cemetery in #Plymouth, Massachusetts is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of many of the town’s founders and earliest settlers. Visitors at the old cemetery often report witnessing the #apparitions of men and women wearing clothing from the 1700’s and 1800’s, as well as experiencing other unexplained #paranormal phenomena, such as disembodied voices, whispers, and footsteps. Paranormal enthusiasts investigating the location at night also report detecting high levels of electromagnetic energy, in addition to reports of electronic devices and other equipment malfunctioning or batteries draining unexpectedly.

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“Ghosts, Skinwalkers, UFOs, Hauntings, Bigfoot & Aliens, Featuring the Phoenix Lights” 

 Presented by Jonathan Dover and Stanley Milford, Jr.

On Day One of the 17th Annual UFO Festival, focusing on the Phoenix Lights sighting of March 1997, we are pleased to host two eyewitnesses, who will tell their perspective of that event as well as others in the region.

Jonathan Dover spent 31 years as a law enforcement officer. He worked in the Arizona Police Department, The National Park Service, Navajo Historic Preservation Department, and the Navajo Nation Rangers. He was trained in Criminal Investigations and was an Archaeological Resource Crimes Investigator. Stanley Milford Jr. currently serves as a Ranger Sergeant with the Navajo Nation Rangers in Window Rock, Arizona. He’s a graduate of the United States Indian Police Academy, and has worked as a law enforcement Ranger for 18 years. 

Dover and Milford together were assigned to officially investigate and document significant cases involving Bigfoot, the Paranormal, Navajo Witchcraft and UFOs.


 Introduction: James Clarkson, UFO Researcher, Author and Lecturer

Video: Orlando Sanchez and Kathleen Nyberg
Edited by Orlando Sanche

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Northshore Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts:

The Northshore #Mall in #Peabody, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1958, and is said to be #haunted by a number of unidentified #spirits and #apparitions. Mall employees working around closing time often report witnessing apparitions and #ShadowFigures, as well as feeling a strange presence. One popular #UrbanLegend claims that the Northshore Mall was built over an old #cemetery, however these claims are largely believed to be nothing more than rumors.

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Clapp Park in Pittsfield, Massachusetts:

#Pittsfield locals often report encountering the #apparition of a tall, shadowy figure near the old #railroad tracks behind Clapp #Park. Others report hearing the sounds of disembodied footsteps and voices, and on several occasions dating back to the 1950’s townsfolk have reported witnessing a #phantom steam engine traveling eastward towards #Boston.

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generationexorcist: The Difference Between G…


The Difference Between Ghosts, Poltergeists, & Demons That Will Clarify Which Supernatural Entities You Should Be Terrified Of

There are a lot of concretely scary things in life, that’s for sure — natural disasters, student loans, superbugs, mansplainers… you get the picture. But if you expand your worldview to include the realm of the supernatural, then, well, you’ve got a whole new batch of creepy stuff to add to your fear repertoire. Life’s more exciting when you embrace the unknown, though, so it’s really good to know the difference between ghosts, poltergeists, and demons for a number of reasons. Firstly, because, well, it’s really freaking fascinating. Secondly, you’ll be able to make way more sense of horror movies when you know exactly the type of supernatural entity the characters are dealing with. And thirdly, it could be helpful in case you ever get… haunted by one? OK, sorry, not trying to put that kind of energy into the universe for you or anything, but I’m just saying. Hey, you gotta protect yourself — it’s a vast n’ wild paranormal world out there.

It’s easy to clump all of the most well-known notable supernatural entities together — like “oh, check out that ghost/demon/poltergeist thing.” But c’mon, it’s almost Halloween, and we can do better than that! These entities are all fully unique from each other, and a haunting from any one of them comes with a whole different (and freaky) bag of tricks. Let’s get super clear on these three types of supernatural entities — which ones are maybe chill, which definitely aren’t, and what makes each distinct from the others — as you allow me to explain ghosts, poltergeists, and demons, once and for all. Read on.

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Northampton State Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts:

The #Northampton State #Hospital in Northampton, #Massachusetts was constructed in 1856 to treat men and women suffering from a variety of #MentalIllnesses. It was initially designed to accommodate 200 patients, but by the late 1950’s had expanded to house over 2,300 mentally ill men and women, who were subjected to inhumane medical treatments and #deplorable living conditions. Patients were often left in solitary confinement for long periods, or otherwise neglected and abused by caretakers. In January of 1978, the Northampton District #Court issued a decree ordering the closure of Northampton State Hospital, which took over 15 years to complete. The #asylum was finally closed in 1993 after treating over 64,000 patients, and was added to the National Register of #Historic Places in July of 1994. It sat #abandoned for many years, and over time developed a reputation for being #haunted. #UrbanExplorers and those who dared to enter the old buildings during this time have reported encountering the #spirits of former mental patients and medical staff, as well as hearing the sounds of disembodied voices, whispers, footsteps, and screams. Others report witnessing heavy doors being slammed shut by an unseen entity, and objects moving by themselves or being thrown violently across the room. In the early 2000’s one of the buildings was sold to L3 Communications, which has offices in the building, and in 2006 the Northampton State Hospital’s main building was torn down and replaced with the Villages At Hospital Hill #Condominiums. Although most of the other buildings on the old hospital’s campus have been demolished, the buildings that now stand at the site of the old asylum are still believed by many to be haunted.

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