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Historic Shepherdstown Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 /Jefferson County (“All the Time”) Direct Radio Voice (DRV) stream (“All the Time”) captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at Historic Shepherdstown and Museum [Shepherdstown WV] Ghost Expedition Aug 11-12 2018. Stream of responses to queries concerning family histories in connection with the museum and area.  In the audio stream, one communicator was perceived to have a potential affinity for the museum and its antique piano.  The communicator may have been a former of the piano appears to claim playing (“All the Time”). Audio was captured with a Zoom H2N Handy Recorder.  The DRV stage consisted of a: P-SB7 ITC device; MACKIE 402-VLZ3 Mixer; HARMON DIGITECH 1066 Vocal Processor; ART EQ-351 31 Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer; TIMEWAVE DSP-599zx Digital Noise Filter and a BOSE speaker.  Audio was analyzed with PRAAT software which provided the wave forms and voice print.  The audio was also enhanced with noise filtering and normalization using AUDACITY. [AUDIO ENHANCED][HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED]

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Random Event Generator (REG) Outcomes at Historic Shepherdstown and Museum Ghost Expedition 2018: Evidence of a Consciousness Bridge and Decline Effect?

Graphical display of Random Event Generator (REG) experiment results captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at Historic Shepherdstown and Museum

Random Event Generators (REGs) are statistical devices commonly employed in parapsychology to test mind-matter interactions, specifically microscopic psychokinesis (micro-pk) activity.

  • REGs generate a random walk from a sequence of 200-bit trials per second of binary [0,1] events. [The device flips a coin 200 times per second.]
  • The bits are generated by random or unpredictable fluctuations in voltages as electrons tunnel through a barrier in a diode.  High and low voltage samples are converted into 1 and 0 bits
  • The expected average from 200-bit trials having 0 or 1 outcomes is 100. Actual averages will be higher (or lower) than 100.  The difference between an actual and the expected average is termed an “error”
  • A simple random walk is obtained by cumulating the errors (or normalized errors) from each series of bit trials. For some purposes, e.g. “goodness of fit” statistics, it is convenient to compute the cumulative error squared
  • REGs also display a parabolic boundary at the 95% confidence level.  Hence random walks have a 1 in 20 chance of ending outside parabola bounds

At Princeton University, REGs were used to study global consciousness fields as part of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program spanning nearly three decades.  This global network of REGs is now managed by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP).

The Historic Shepherdstown and Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 REG experiment ran continuously over two epochs spanning several hours inclusive of direct radio voice (DRV) communication sessions.  

  • The first epoch commenced 7:43 pm on Aug 11 2018 and lasted approximately 4.5 hours and the tend appears to reach a turning point around 12:15 am. The REG experiment exhibited random walk trending that was mostly above baseline levels.  Overall the REG experiment delivered a medium Z score (0.962) that was statistically significant at the 17% level (in a one tailed test), suggesting higher than chance levels of psi functioning
  • The second epoch commenced 12:27 am on Aug 12 2018 and lasted approximately 2 hours. The REG experiment exhibited random walk trending that was mostly below baseline levels.  Overall the REG experiment delivered a medium Z score (-0.997) that was statistically significant at the 16% level (in a one tailed test), also possibly suggesting higher than chance levels of psi functioning
  • But was that really the case?  The runs appear to be symmetric (mirror images) with respect to the baseline.  However, the change in direction might be a consequence of declining levels of group participation and engagement.  The maximum number of participants in the communication sessions peaked during the 11pm – 12am time frame. Apart from the investigation team, most visiting participants had departed before 1 am 
  • The experiments suggest the importance of the underlying engagement in interpreting REG outcomes.  The significant down trending in the second epoch could have been due to a “decline effect” in psi functioning as engagement gradually tapered off
  • This is not a decline effect in the traditional parapsychological sense of a lowering in effect sizes, but moreso a decline in psi functioning arising from lower engagement

These outcomes lend support for indications of implicit psi during the

Historic Shepherdstown and Museum Ghost Expedition 2018.  They appear consistent with REG experiments elsewhere.  A similar type of decline effect may have appeared in the Lexington Market Ghost Expedition in 2017.  The psi functioning is implicit, working on subliminal or unconscious levels. The conscious focus of participants is on the engagement itself

  • It is not possible to precisely know the sources of psi functioning (or field effects) on the REG, whether it is from post-mortem or living agencies (e.g. experiment participants and/or experimenters themselves).
  • REG results in isolation can’t provide evidence of a haunting. A haunting involves recurring activity experienced in varied physical forms seemingly sourced to post-mortem agencies, appearing to have an affinity for a location or parts of a location
  • Instead REG results may be conservatively interpreted as a consciousness effect that at least bears some relation to efforts to communicate with post-mortem agencies, the attention and focus given to that communication, and perhaps from the communications themselves
  • The outcomes seen here are not unlike those encountered when REGs are positioned near sporting or concert events, where implicit psi from crowd engagement and attention appears to drive REG trending

The direction of bit scoring or trending in REGs is not fully understood and requires continuing experimentation  

  • Various studies suggest it may be correlated with: goal orientation or intention; emotional states; the (psychological) valence of events; the extent of attention and focus; and innate psi ability
  • In linguistics and the semantic framing around graphs, “up” is considered “good” and “down” is considered “bad.“  This kind of meaning, while natural, may not fit all circumstances affecting above or below baseline REG trending
  • If sustained REG downtrends were a signature for post-mortem agency (ghosts), this would imply that low-voltage sampling/scoring is somehow easier for this form of agency.  However that is an unknown

  • Until more is known, the statistical significance of a trend perhaps matters more than its direction

The last image is an example of lens flare in infrared light.  The camera is pointed directly at a light source, which in this case is the Microsoft Windows Kinect Structured Light System (SLS).  The SLS emits a grid of infrared laser light, which is also reflecting off the surface of the lens, generating the elliptical shapes


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Historic Shepherdstown and Museum: Random Event Generator Experiment at 0027 EST on Aug 12 2018. ©  Maryland Paranormal Research ®. All rights reserved.

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Historic Shepherdstown and Museum: Underground Vault. ©  Maryland Paranormal Research ®. All rights reserved. 

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Ghost Expedition and Demonstration Montgomery County, Gaithersburg Maryland: Kentlands Mansion and Arts Barn

The Tschiffely-Kent estate in Montgomery County and present day Gaithersburg MD is situated on land that was originally called “Quince Orchard” that was once held by the Claggett family

The land was bequeathed to the sons of Henry Claggett, Joseph and Zechariah Claggett, through his last will and testament in 1778.  However only Joseph resided on the land which had expanded to 100 acres by the time of his death.  After Joseph’s death, ownership passed to his heirs in 1829

Frederick A. Tschiffely acquired the property in 1852 from Elizabeth Claggett Jones.  Although he was in the wholesale pharmaceuticals business, he operated the estate as farm.  He was married to Elizabeth Ann Wilson Tschiffely. Their children were: Frederick Jr; Elberta; Elgar; Albert; Catherine; Elizabeth; Wilson; Linda; Kate; and James.  Upon his death in 1892, his son Frederick Jr inherited the farm

Following the death of his mother in 1900, Frederick A. Tschiffely Jr tore down the existing house to build the present day mansion and outbuildings, all of which were constructed in brick.  The estate was called Wheatlands, a reference to the wheat and corn grown on the farm.  As farming declined the land was used for pasture for cows, sheep and race horses.  Portions of the property were also used as a stone quarry

Dr. Frederick A. Tschiffely Jr was a pharmacist who owned a wholesale drug store in Washington DC and kept many pharmaceuticals at his house. When area residents needed prescriptions filled, they would come to his house, which they sometimes referred to as “The Bricks"  

Dr. Tschiffely was married to Dolly Brown Tschiffely.  Their children were: Clifton; Charles; Ora; Dolly; Stuart; Douglas; Claude; Cecil.  The Wheatlands farm was operated by Upton Burris, an overseer who lived on the farm.  After his death in 1931, the property passed to his his oldest sons and daughters

In 1942, Otis Beall Kent, a prominent attorney from Washington DC, acquired the property from the Tschiffely heirs and renamed the estate Kentlands Farm. He made several changes to the house to suit his architectural tastes and to house his collections of Persian rugs, musical instruments, and art.  He also altered and added to the outbuildings, to include the construction of his own fire house and an underground shelter which could accommodate up to fifty persons

Mr. Kent was an early proponent of wildlife preservation.  Toward this end, he constructed gardens, lanes, hedgerows, dams and ponds as habitats for birds and game at the estate. He also gifted land to the National Geographic Society and the Izaak Walton League to develop a wildlife sanctuary.  He was a lifelong bachelor and he passed away in 1972. He left his estate to his adopted daughter Helene Danger Kent

In 1978, representatives of Kent’s estate created the Kentland Foundation with 162 acres. On May 26, 1988, Helene Kent sold Kentlands to the Great Seneca Limited Partnership to develop varieties of housing for area residents to include apartments, townhomes and single family homes

The Kentlands mansion and outbuildings were gifted to the City of Gaithersburg in 1992 and were since renovated into cultural facilities.  The Kentlands Mansion now serves as an art gallery and venue that host weddings, parties and business events.  The Arts Barn houses studios for artists in residence and a 99-seat theater

The mansion appears to have a haunted reputation.  Paranormal encounters have been reported as far back as 1942 and continue to a lesser extent through the present.  These include: apparitions of women in Victorian-era dress and sightings or sensed-presence encounters involving the late Mr. Kent; as well as imitative sounds to include footsteps and groans  

Other paranormal type encounters have involved various electrical and physical anomalies such as: object displacements; lights and door movements on the 3rd floor; radios operating without power; and self-activation of music boxes

The ghost expedition and demonstration will attempt to obtain “drop-in” communications connected to the mansion’s history and its residents and evidence of a haunting during the Ghosts of Gaithersburg event


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Front view of Frederick A. Tschiffely, Jr.’ s house , built circa. 1900. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Tschiffely barn, built circa 1900. (c 1920). Gaithersburg Then and Now

Frederick Adolphus Tschiffely Jr. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Charles Stott Tschiffely. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Front porch of the Tschiffely home. From left to right are : Clifton Tschiffely, his wife, Lacey Tschiffely, their daughter Dorothy, Dorothy’s daughter, Dolly Tschiffely, Frederick A. Tschiffely, Jr., unknown, Harvey Wiley, and unknown. (c 1920). Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

F.A. Tschiffely Family Outing in 1907. (1907, Jun 9). Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Mower., photographer. (1975, Feb 26). Tschiffely-Kent Mansion. Brick Barn. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

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3 Chilling Paranormal Occurrences Caught on Camera

When it comes to the unexplained, many of us have stories to tell. However, capturing such strange events on camera is a rarity. What follows are three videos submitted by subscribers, which claim to show mysterious – possibly paranormal – occurrences. Watch the footage and decide for yourself.

The featured videos were all submitted directly to us by subscribers. 

 ⤕ “Ghost Caught on CCTV in Indonesia” was submitted by Dimitri. 

⤕  “Halloween CCTV Anomaly” was submitted anonymously. 

⤕ “File “2013-02-17”” was submitted anonymously.

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My name is Heather. This picture was taken about 4 years ago in Carbondale, IL. It was in a parking lot between a bar and an apartment building. Several pictures were taken there before and after this single photograph. Normally I am good at explaining away blurs and such in pictures. But this one was unusual because it was the only picture like it. It was not foggy that night and there is not reason why this fog like image should be in this picture…what is the creepiest thing about it is that the fog looks like a man turned toward the camera. He is wearing a jacket and a hat and is dressed kinda old fashioned. I can not explain it so hopefully you can. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by:  Heather

100 Chilling Ghost Photos

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The Nang Ta-khian is a female spirit that haunts trees in Thailand. The Nang Ta-khian is described as a sprit of a woman who resides in and protects the trees and se is often depicted wearing traditional Thai clothes and a green dress. If a tree she haunts gets cut down she gets angry and follows the wood from the tree wherever it goes and if it is used to build a house the Nang Ta-khian will then haunt the house. The trees the Nang Ta-khian haunt are wrapped in a red satin cloth at the base of the trunk and shrines are set up in honor of her and she is said to bring them good luck most notably in the lottery.