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What Happened To The Mysterious Witches That Were Reported Above Mexico?

What happened to the mysterious witches that were reported above Mexico? Today, we take a look what happened to the mysterious witches that were spotted above Mexico.

Reports of paranormal entities have been reported for decades. What makes these reports interesting is the fact that they go beyond just stories, having many people come forward with their encounters, and even struggling to explain what it was they encountered.

The most common of these entities is that of ghosts of other paranormal beings. These have been reported for years by various people all across the world, however equally confusing is the high number of mysterious people cases that have been reported in recent years.

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Scary Photos Of Real Ghosts That Are Yet To Be Explained | Top 5 List:


Experts have examined these images and have been left perplexed. From the reverend who photographed an unwanted ghostly guest in his church, to the spectre that lurks at the scene of a horrific mass murder… all are terrifyingly convincing. So, are they real? Share your analysis in the comments below.


These photos were taken at the Sedona desert. You can clearly see the “spirit being” standing next to the ancient rock formation. As if protecting the sacred ground upon which he stands.

The set of two photos show the figure clearly forming within the small rock wall. the photographer told us they were well off the beaten path and he felt “the hair rise on his neck.” He took two photos near the rock formation and this is what appeared.


EPISODE 94 of Insanely Haunted podcast: THORNHAVEN MANSION

Our friends from the Boosier Podcast joined us for this trip to
Thornhaven, a house with a cool name but not many ghosts or anything
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Haunted Buffalo, New York:


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Anderson Cemetery in Lawton, Michigan:

Established in the mid 1800’s, Anderson #Cemetery on the outskirts of Lawton, #Michigan is said to be #haunted by the #spirits of a man and woman named Charles and Esther #Morris, who once lived in an old #mansion in the woods nearby. On September 28, 1879 Mr. and Mrs. Morris were shot to death by an armed intruder, who then escaped into the night on horseback. The #murderer was never caught, and The Morrises were laid to rest in #AndersonCemetery, where visitors frequently report witnessing the two #apparitions standing at the site of their #graves. Some #paranormal enthusiasts visiting Anderson Cemetery at night have also claimed to witness the Morrises #headstones appearing to glowing in the dark, however many argue that this phenomena is not paranormal. In the years following their deaths, the old mansion in the woods eventually burned down, and its location is no longer known.

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8 Notoriously Haunted Places in Albany, New York:


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This photo was taken by a man staying in a cabin with his friends. When taking a panorama photo of the room, a odd figure can be seen though the glass door. The figure is humanoid and looks to be small, however this could be far away. The figure looks like it is holding and object like a stick but because the photo is grainy it is hard to say for sure. The photographer did not see anything outside the window while taking the photo.


In the 1980’s the Wyrick family moved into a house in Georgia. After living in the house for a few months the daughter, Heidi started to talk about her imaginary friend called Mr. Gordy. Initially Lisa Wyrick thought a strange man was targeting her daughter and called her husband Andy. After looking around the property no one could be found. Heidi began to talk to an unseen figure and requesting an extra plate of food for Mr. Gordy, and also began talking about a man named Con who was covered in blood. The Wyrick’s did research and found out that a man named James Gordy and a man named Con had both been tied to the property. Gordy died in 1974 and Con died in 1957. The family lived with the spirits for a few years, until Heidi saw a dark shadow that was different from Con or Mr. Gordy. The shadow figures terrorized Heidi and would drag her out of bed and scratch her. Andy did not believe that the spirit was the one scratching his daughter until he woke up with scratches. The family home was investigated by a paranormal investigator in 1994. The investigation revealed that the house was haunted and that Heidi was a psychic. The family’s story was featured on the shows A Haunting and Unsolved Mysteries. According to the family Heidi still sees spirits.