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Haunted Florida Road Trip!

Fancy a haunted road trip through Florida? Only In Your State has a few suggestions of places to see in the Sunshine State.

1. St. Augustine Lighthouse

2. Cassadaga

3. Launch Complex 34

4. Ashley’s Of Rockledge

5. The Biltmore Hotel, Miami

6. The Opera House, Arcadia

7. Tampa Theatre

8. May-Stringer House (Hernando Historical Museum Association), Brooksville

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‘Ghost’ of long-dead bishop caught on camera inside medieval cathedral

Is this a trick of the light or could this be the ghost of a medieval bishop lurking in the corner of Norwich Cathedral?

Sales worker Kerry Launders, 29, went to Norwich Cathedral with partner Simon Tobb, 30, and her children Millie, two, and Oscar, one.

She took lots of photos of the interior of the stunning 11th century building on her mobile phone camera.

But it was not until she got home that she saw the shadowy figure in one of the images, staring down from an upper floor.

The faceless form appears to be wearing long robes and a tall hat, and Kerry reckons it could be one of the dozen or so bishops buried in the cathedral.

Kerry from Bury, Greater Manchester, said: “It was my first time in a cathedral and it was really nice.

“I was just taking photos of the arch on my camera and that was that.

“There was nothing up there.

"But when I look back through my photos I saw something and had a proper look and I thought ‘wow’ this is a good picture.

"I looks like a bishop – and there are a lot of those buried there – with the long clothing and the tall hat.

"I wasn’t scared when I saw it though because I believe in this sort of stuff.”

Kerry visited the cathedral in Norfolk last month on a day out with her family.

The Gothic grade-I listed building is a stop-off point on a number of ghost tours.

Builders working on surrounding building sites have reported objects moving on their own.

Visitors to the cathedral have also reported seeing ghostly figures in the Church of England cathedral.

[Laura Elvin, Mirror]


Ghost Causes A House Fire

Have you ever heard a case where a ghost causes a house fire? Often times hauntings are restrained to knocking and unexplained noises. Rarely do the ghost cause physical harm to property. Not in this extreme case where a ghost sets fire to a home!
One listener writes: “My brother went to the bathroom upstairs while I went downstairs and sat on the sofa with mom and dad.…

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Southern Texas Haunts

I have received a request to do an article about haunted
places in southern Texas. Not one to disappoint my followers I have found three
bone chilling haunts located throughout this region.

Sarah Jane Road, Port
: Located in the southeastern portion of Texas is a stretch of road
known as the Sarah Jane Road. There are several legends surrounding this
location. Most of the legends state that there was a woman named Sarah Jane who
hid her baby in a wicker basket in the river after either bandits or Union
soldiers were heard near her home. When she went back to retrieve her baby, she
found it was missing. Another version of the legend has that Sarah was crossing
the bridge of the canal when she accidentally dropped her baby in the water.
The baby drowned and the distraught Sarah subsequently hung herself from a
nearby tree. Whichever version is true, Sarah Jane can now often be spotted
standing in white on the side of the road at night. If any approach her, she
simply disappears.

The Tremont House
Hotel, Galveston
: This historical hotel in Galveston Texas is home to many
different spirits. The first commonly seen ghost is that of a Civil War
soldier. This ghost haunts the first floor lobby, bar, dining, and office
areas. Visitors and staff will often hear the marching of boots walk around the
floor only to find that no one is there upon investigation. His apparition has
also been seen walking this area from time to time. Another spirit to haunt
this location is known as Sam. During his life Sam was a gambler with a severe
limp who one night had an extremely lucky evening. After collecting his
winnings he headed back to his room in the former Belmont Boarding House,
located where the building stands today. While he slept, someone came into the
room and murdered him in order to steal all of the money he had won. Now
visitors have reported that their rooms will shake followed by a large pound.
Others have reported hearing a one-footed stomping followed by a distinct
dragging noise in the hallway. Another spirit is that of a little boy named Jimmy
who haunts the lobby and elevators. Those who have seen him report that they
will see a little boy out of the corner of their eye. When they look he is
gone. One time a front desk clerk was helping a man check in when she saw a
little boy playing in the lobby. She assumed that the boy was the mans son,
however when the man left the little boy did not follow. When she looked to try
and find the boy again, she saw he had disappeared. Later that night when she
saw the same man she asked him about the little boy and he said that he had not
seen the child and that he had no children of his own. Little Jimmy is also
known to push glasses off of the bar. A fourth spirit is believed to have been
a victim of a severe storm in the 1900s since the activity becomes worse during
storms. On the 3rd and 4th floors people have heard
knocking, moaning and crying. Ceiling fans have been turned on and off and as
well as lights and televisions in both occupied and vacant rooms. People have
also seen shadow figures darting around.

The USS Lexington, Corpus Cristi: Having served through
almost every major battle in WWII and with more than 300 crew members killed
while serving aboard her, it is no wonder that the USS Lexington, now a museum,
is known to be extremely haunted. Visitors have reported hearing strange voices,
screaming,  and crying throughout the
ship. Near the kitchen area, the strange smells of food cooking are also
sometimes present. Apparitions of men in uniform have been seen walking the
ships corridors. One woman reported seeing a spirit with no eyes and a scarred
face that lunged at her. The most famous ghost aboard the ship is named
Charlie, who haunts the engine rooms. Visitors have reported that while in the
engine rooms they had the most wonderful tour guide who wore an old navy
uniform. The only issue is that all the tours on board are self guided; there
are no tour guides available on the ship. Earlier this year, a family touring
the ship caught some ghostly activity on camera. The link to the news story
covering this video can be found here:



Most Spooky Hospital (2017): Clark Airbase Hospital,

The winner of this years Most Spooky Hospital award goes to
Clark Airbase Hospital. Not only is this location eerie because it is
abandoned, but it is also incredibly haunted. This hospital was featured in
National Geographic’s series “I Wouldn’t Go In There,” and was reported by
Ghost Hunters International to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

Clark Air Base was previously a United States military
facility from 1903 to 1991. During WWII and the Vietnam War it was used as a
hospital for injured and dying military personnel. Now it is thought that many
of these personnel never left. Those who have visited the facility have
reported seeing the apparitions of soldiers walking throughout the halls. Strange
orbs will often float by and doors will open and slam shut by themselves.
Visitors have also heard screams and voices emanating throughout the abandoned
facility. Some of the ghosts are also known to be violent as visitors have
sometimes been pelted with items by an unseen force.


So this is my 2018 year in review. Below the date are some stats the images and text you see below…

Cute date ideas by unexplained things- watch the x-files- watch stranger things- go hunt bigfoot-…



Located in Cincinnati, Ohio lies this Rectory rumored to have an evil presence.

This rectory built in 1891 to serve as a house for members of a local church, always seemed to have extremely bad luck.  Constantly struck by multiple natural disasters.  This and economic reasons caused the church and the rectory to eventually close it’s doors.

Eventually, rumors began that a demonic presence was lurking inside the building, but the man who purchased it said he had never experienced anything he would consider paranormal while living there.  But people far and wide came to investigate the house.

Eventually, a priest was called to bless the home.  He commented that there was no resistance from any entity during the blessing, but that there was a strange smell in the air.  Based on his experience the priest was skeptical of a presence being in the house. However, several investigators have reported being scratched while inside the house.

Haunted or not the rectory remains part of Ohio’s spooky history.


Historic Shepherdstown Museum Ghost Expedition 2018 /Jefferson County (“All the Time”) Direct Radio Voice (DRV) stream (“All the Time”) captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at Historic Shepherdstown and Museum [Shepherdstown WV] Ghost Expedition Aug 11-12 2018. Stream of responses to queries concerning family histories in connection with the museum and area.  In the audio stream, one communicator was perceived to have a potential affinity for the museum and its antique piano.  The communicator may have been a former of the piano appears to claim playing (“All the Time”). Audio was captured with a Zoom H2N Handy Recorder.  The DRV stage consisted of a: P-SB7 ITC device; MACKIE 402-VLZ3 Mixer; HARMON DIGITECH 1066 Vocal Processor; ART EQ-351 31 Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer; TIMEWAVE DSP-599zx Digital Noise Filter and a BOSE speaker.  Audio was analyzed with PRAAT software which provided the wave forms and voice print.  The audio was also enhanced with noise filtering and normalization using AUDACITY. [AUDIO ENHANCED][HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED]


Ghost Expedition and Demonstration Montgomery County, Gaithersburg Maryland: Kentlands Mansion and Arts Barn

The Tschiffely-Kent estate in Montgomery County and present day Gaithersburg MD is situated on land that was originally called “Quince Orchard” that was once held by the Claggett family

The land was bequeathed to the sons of Henry Claggett, Joseph and Zechariah Claggett, through his last will and testament in 1778.  However only Joseph resided on the land which had expanded to 100 acres by the time of his death.  After Joseph’s death, ownership passed to his heirs in 1829

Frederick A. Tschiffely acquired the property in 1852 from Elizabeth Claggett Jones.  Although he was in the wholesale pharmaceuticals business, he operated the estate as farm.  He was married to Elizabeth Ann Wilson Tschiffely. Their children were: Frederick Jr; Elberta; Elgar; Albert; Catherine; Elizabeth; Wilson; Linda; Kate; and James.  Upon his death in 1892, his son Frederick Jr inherited the farm

Following the death of his mother in 1900, Frederick A. Tschiffely Jr tore down the existing house to build the present day mansion and outbuildings, all of which were constructed in brick.  The estate was called Wheatlands, a reference to the wheat and corn grown on the farm.  As farming declined the land was used for pasture for cows, sheep and race horses.  Portions of the property were also used as a stone quarry

Dr. Frederick A. Tschiffely Jr was a pharmacist who owned a wholesale drug store in Washington DC and kept many pharmaceuticals at his house. When area residents needed prescriptions filled, they would come to his house, which they sometimes referred to as “The Bricks"  

Dr. Tschiffely was married to Dolly Brown Tschiffely.  Their children were: Clifton; Charles; Ora; Dolly; Stuart; Douglas; Claude; Cecil.  The Wheatlands farm was operated by Upton Burris, an overseer who lived on the farm.  After his death in 1931, the property passed to his his oldest sons and daughters

In 1942, Otis Beall Kent, a prominent attorney from Washington DC, acquired the property from the Tschiffely heirs and renamed the estate Kentlands Farm. He made several changes to the house to suit his architectural tastes and to house his collections of Persian rugs, musical instruments, and art.  He also altered and added to the outbuildings, to include the construction of his own fire house and an underground shelter which could accommodate up to fifty persons

Mr. Kent was an early proponent of wildlife preservation.  Toward this end, he constructed gardens, lanes, hedgerows, dams and ponds as habitats for birds and game at the estate. He also gifted land to the National Geographic Society and the Izaak Walton League to develop a wildlife sanctuary.  He was a lifelong bachelor and he passed away in 1972. He left his estate to his adopted daughter Helene Danger Kent

In 1978, representatives of Kent’s estate created the Kentland Foundation with 162 acres. On May 26, 1988, Helene Kent sold Kentlands to the Great Seneca Limited Partnership to develop varieties of housing for area residents to include apartments, townhomes and single family homes

The Kentlands mansion and outbuildings were gifted to the City of Gaithersburg in 1992 and were since renovated into cultural facilities.  The Kentlands Mansion now serves as an art gallery and venue that host weddings, parties and business events.  The Arts Barn houses studios for artists in residence and a 99-seat theater

The mansion appears to have a haunted reputation.  Paranormal encounters have been reported as far back as 1942 and continue to a lesser extent through the present.  These include: apparitions of women in Victorian-era dress and sightings or sensed-presence encounters involving the late Mr. Kent; as well as imitative sounds to include footsteps and groans  

Other paranormal type encounters have involved various electrical and physical anomalies such as: object displacements; lights and door movements on the 3rd floor; radios operating without power; and self-activation of music boxes

The ghost expedition and demonstration will attempt to obtain “drop-in” communications connected to the mansion’s history and its residents and evidence of a haunting during the Ghosts of Gaithersburg event


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Front view of Frederick A. Tschiffely, Jr.’ s house , built circa. 1900. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Tschiffely barn, built circa 1900. (c 1920). Gaithersburg Then and Now

Frederick Adolphus Tschiffely Jr. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Charles Stott Tschiffely. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Front porch of the Tschiffely home. From left to right are : Clifton Tschiffely, his wife, Lacey Tschiffely, their daughter Dorothy, Dorothy’s daughter, Dolly Tschiffely, Frederick A. Tschiffely, Jr., unknown, Harvey Wiley, and unknown. (c 1920). Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

F.A. Tschiffely Family Outing in 1907. (1907, Jun 9). Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Mower., photographer. (1975, Feb 26). Tschiffely-Kent Mansion. Brick Barn. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

Arts on the Green: Ghosts of Gaithersburg. (2018). City of Gaithersburg

Mower., photographer. (1975, Feb 26). Tschiffely-Kent Mansion. Courtesy City of Gaithersburg