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Available Friday February 14th 8/7c PARANORMAL TV vs REALITY with special guests Kim and Alison

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Haunted Florida Road Trip!

Fancy a haunted road trip through Florida? Only In Your State has a few suggestions of places to see in the Sunshine State.

1. St. Augustine Lighthouse

2. Cassadaga

3. Launch Complex 34

4. Ashley’s Of Rockledge

5. The Biltmore Hotel, Miami

6. The Opera House, Arcadia

7. Tampa Theatre

8. May-Stringer House (Hernando Historical Museum Association), Brooksville

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Live tonight Thursday February 13th 8/7c @Reparanormal welcomes Christie Williams

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Exploring all things Mothman!


In the 1980’s the Wyrick family moved into a house in Georgia. After living in the house for a few months the daughter, Heidi started to talk about her imaginary friend called Mr. Gordy. Initially Lisa Wyrick thought a strange man was targeting her daughter and called her husband Andy. After looking around the property no one could be found. Heidi began to talk to an unseen figure and requesting an extra plate of food for Mr. Gordy, and also began talking about a man named Con who was covered in blood. The Wyrick’s did research and found out that a man named James Gordy and a man named Con had both been tied to the property. Gordy died in 1974 and Con died in 1957. The family lived with the spirits for a few years, until Heidi saw a dark shadow that was different from Con or Mr. Gordy. The shadow figures terrorized Heidi and would drag her out of bed and scratch her. Andy did not believe that the spirit was the one scratching his daughter until he woke up with scratches. The family home was investigated by a paranormal investigator in 1994. The investigation revealed that the house was haunted and that Heidi was a psychic. The family’s story was featured on the shows A Haunting and Unsolved Mysteries. According to the family Heidi still sees spirits.