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What kind of festive season are you having? You could get some inspiration with “I’m Dreaming of a Dark Christmas” by @vaughnpinpin … 😜 ⁣

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It spoke to you so strangely, in a voice that slipped between waves of softly droning static from a television screen.


“WE ARE THE TARGET OF ALIEN SURVEILLANCE! In this book, top Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield delves into the facts surrounding the big UFO scare of ‘73. He presents a catalogue of weird & often terrifying mysteries—stories of confrontations, abductions, even encounters in which human victims were injured or blinded—true stories that outmatch the weirdest science fiction.” 

Cover art to THE UFO SIEGE (1978).



Extraordinary People, Unusual Lives #6

Barney and Betty Hill rose to fame in the 1960s after claiming to have been abducted by alien in New Hampshire, September 19/20 1961.

The Hills alleged that whilst driving in rural New Hampshire, they observed a falling star, which gradually formed into a strange craft with flashing lights. Once the craft began to descend on the couple, they drove away, only to be pursued by the craft relentlessly. It approached the front of the vehicle, blocking their path, and the Hills could see a group of figures, one of which communicated to Barney to stay where he was. They managed to escape, but not before experiencing the car vibrating, hearing loud buzzing noises, and feeling an electrical sensation passing though their bodies.

After the event, the Hills found that their memory seemed fuzzy and fragmented, and believed that there was more to their encounter. Betty began to experience vivid dreams which depicted herself and her husband inside the craft. There, the humanoids examined them closely, and took samples of their hair, nails and skin. At one point, Betty was pierced with a needle; the leader of the craft waved his hand in front of her, and the pain ceased. They were then escorted to their vehicle. Barney, under hypnosis, stated that he felt, “like the eyes had pushed into my eyes,” and described being examined too. 

Following widespread publicity and media attention, resulting in several books and a TV movie, the Hills returned to their normal lives. In 1969, Barney died from a haemorrhage, and Betty in later life continued to speak of their experience and attended many UFO conventions and events. She never remarried, and died in 2004.


You’ve probably heard of Aaron Burr but did you know his daughter, Theodosia Burr, is the subject of a famous ghost story? In 1812 Theodosia was cast into the ocean by British adversaries, all she retained of her possessions was a painted portrait. Washing ashore, she was cared for by a fisherman and his wife until falling ill in 1869. With no money to her name, the doctor treating her asked for payment by way of her portrait. Crazed by the idea of parting with it, she ran into the ocean, to her death. Her portrait is said to have washed ashore, where it was stolen by the doctor. Overtime this portrait has reentered the Burr estate, and Theodosia’s spirit is said to haunt it.

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