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How Long Will NASA Continue this Charade Regarding Mars?

Published on 15 Nov 2019

First installment of several-part series looking more closely at Dingo Gap area, traversed by the rover Curiosity in January-February, 2014. SOLs 526-540. Using tools provided us by university-study websites, we can now gauge size and distance of many objects and locations that were previously an enigma.

NASA/JPL/MALIN/Caltech apparently are not being so dishonest regarding the size of certain geological/other features; however, the images continue to show obvious signs of extreme tampering. This is a coverup of enormous porportions and we will show you the evidence.

We believe the obfuscation process is affecting as much as 80% of a person’s initial discernment of a given Martian scene.

For viewing the 3D with glasses, this is the viewer I use. It has adjustments including shutters that eliminate the side, collateral images. They work for me and for others that choose this method.…

How to see the 3D Stereoscopic imagery:

Mysterious oxygen fluctuations on Mars detected by Curiosity Mars Rover: undefined

Levitating UFO Caught On Mars, At Mount Sharp Recorded By Rover, UFO Sighting News.

Published on 17 Oct 2019

NASA photo:…

I reported this photo back in 2015 and a few days later someone discovered this orb, I believe it was Streetcap1, but it might have been Paranormal Crucible. Both great Youtube accounts. Click below to visit them. Paranormal Crucible Channel:…

Streetcap1 Channel:


Send Your Name to Mars:

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Published on 6 Apr 2015

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Was There A Nuclear War On Mars In The Past That Killed Everyone 💣💣💢💥💥:


In an epic story of discovery, strong evidence is presented for a dead civilization on Mars and the shocking reason for its demise: an ancient planetary-scale nuclear massacre leaving isotopic traces of vast explosions that endure to our present age. The story put forward here is amazing.

Ack! Ack! Ack!

Interview w Beyond the Forbidden: The Truth About Mars:


He is right. Much of this looks fabricated. Maybe it is my technical background but I can see it. This is so obviously a civilizations debris and boy did they get blasted.