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Monster Monday: Mothman and the Silver Bridge

Monster Monday: Mothman and the Silver Bridge:


Is Mothman connected to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967?

cryptid-wendigo: This video of what people be…


This video of what people believe was an alien big cat was recorded in 2014 in Norwalk, California. Many people in the area went into a panic about what seemed to be a lion taking a casual stroll past the camera. However, a while after the video was made public, an unnamed resident of the town claimed that the animal on screen was their dog, Buddy. An official of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, does agree that the “stocky build” of the animal resembles a dog rather than a feline. However, others still aren’t convinced. 

cryptids-cryptids: The skookum is a Bigfoot-l…


The skookum is a Bigfoot-like creature spotted in Washington state. Unlike Bigfoot, the skookum is allegedly predatory, said to have caused a number of deaths in the Mount St. Helens region. 

The above cast is alleged to be of a skookum’s left forearm, hip, thigh and buttocks. It was taken in 2000 during a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization expedition. 

It has been argued that the imprints were left by an elk. 

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This supposed Bigfoot was caught on film on December 2nd, 2012. It was recorded in Provo Canyon in Utah by an unnamed hiker. The hiker claimed that, as he slowly got closer to the creature, it began throwing rocks in his direction. This area of Utah seems to be a little hot spot of activity for Bigfoot sightings. 

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Ogopogo is spotted disrupting the surface of the otherwise sleepy waters of Lake Okanagan. Witnesses report seeing razorback humps thrashing above the waterline. Below the surface though, the massive creature is believed to be 30-60 feet in length, with a slender body and long tail. The head is seldom seen, but is described as dragon like, with sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Four flippers are believed to quickly propel the creature through the water as it advances upon its prey.

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The Griggstown Cow is a ghost cow found living along the banks of the Millstone River in New Jersey. The Griggstown Cow is described as large bull that has black an white spots and large horns. the Griggstown Cow was only spotted on foggy days giving it its mysterious nature. However on November 23rd 2002 a man saw the Griggstown Cow stuck in a ravine and called the local services to see what could be done. It turns out the Griggstown Cow was an old bull that fell into a ravine due to its failing eyesight and it couldn’t get out due to its arthritis. Sadly when they got the bull out of the ditch it was taken to a vet a deemed to be in very poor health and was then humanely euthanized. The mysterious thing about the Griggstown Cow is that  cow farming hasn’t been in New Jersey in decades which means this bull was wandering around by the river living by itself for many years.

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To Kill or to Capture Bigfoot: The Great Cryptozoological Debate

How do you kill Bigfoot?

“You would need a heavy-duty rifle,” according Jim Lansdale, co-founder of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO). “I would suggest a 30-aught-six or better; .458 or something like that. Maybe a seven-mag’. But it’s all shot placement and you’d have to shoot him in the head. You can’t body-shoot him. They’re too big.”

Lansdale has thought a lot about killing Bigfoot. He even starred in a reality show about it, called Killing Bigfoot on Destination America. In the recent cannon of Bigfoot-focused pseudoscientific backwood shows and documentaries—including Finding Bigfoot, Discovering Bigfoot, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty—Killing Bigfoot is the only show that unapologetically promotes Bigfoot bloodlust. It follows Lansdale and the rest of the GCBRO crew as they investigate Bigfoot reports and try to put a bullet in the brain of a creature that has never been proven to exist.

GCBRO has placed itself firmly on one side of a contentious debate within the cryptozoological community—should humans be allowed to wantonly slaughter Sasquatch—a creature that (if it exits) may be endangered and contain genetic wonders?

But most Bigfoot seekers fall into the other camp.

“I am avowedly on the no-kill side,” John Kirk, President of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, told Gizmodo. “The notion of killing a possible relative of humans is tantamount to homicide.”


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Champ Search is an organization that is set out to find the mysterious monster that is said to reside in Lake Champlain in Vermont. The organization was founded in 2012 by

Katy Elizabeth who has been looking for a monster in the lake since she was a child. She takes water temperature readings and records weather and lake conditions in a notebook daily. Katy also goes out on a research boat and uses underwater cameras, hydrophones and sonar equipment to try and find Champ.

Katy says, “Our goal as “Champ Search” is to study, investigate, prove the existence and most importantly protect the species of unique animals that inhabit New York & Vermont’s beautiful Lake Champlain.”

The Folly Beach Monster


This cryptid is going to be a little bit different than the others I’ve written about. The main reason being this one has been solved! Though I typically write about the unknown and the unanswered I do find this tale very interesting!

Stick around for the frightening tale of the Folly Beach Monster! 

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The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a cryptid spotted in South Carolina. It is commonly described as approximately 7 feet tall with scaly green skin, red eyes, and webbed hands with three fingers. 

The most famous sighting of the Lizard Man was in 1988; a seventeen-year-old boy named Christopher Davis was driving home from work when he stopped to change a tire. He heard a noise and saw the creature running toward him, and as he started to drive away, it jumped on his car. The side-view mirror was damaged and there were scratch marks on the roof.  A couple experienced a similar event in 2008. 

Later in the summer of 1988, a man claimed to have shot the Lizard Man; however, he quickly retracted his story. 

Additionally, casts of alleged Lizard Man footprints were made, but they were dismissed after being pronounced unclassifiable.