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Mothman: An Eastern United States cryptid, first seen in 1966. It has glowing or reflective red eyes and some people have been to terrified of it to even describe what it looked like or did. It was known for attacking the roofs of cars that teenagers were in, and people connected it to the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

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Bigfoot has allegedly been wandering around a Michigan property for more than a decade, shape-shifting and eating pizza.

On Saturday, a 52-year-old Breckendridge, Mich. man came to the Midland law enforcement center armed with evidence, including photo albums, empty food containers, dirt and alleged Bigfoot scat, to ask for help verifying the existence of the mythical creature, according to a report from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, Anthony Padilla, spoke to a Sheriff’s deputy, explaining that he accidentally “awoke” the Bigfoot spirit by knocking branches against trees to break them into smaller pieces. This began when he moved onto his 17-acre property in 1997, according to the incident report, which was sent to The Huffington Post.”

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On the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website, they use three classes to differentiate Bigfoot sightings. Class A sightings are those that can easily rule out misidentification of animals or objects as a Bigfoot. Cases of footprints are generally considered Class A sightings because there is little potential for misinterpretation. Class B sightings are when a witness sees the Bigfoot from a distance, under poor lighting, or any general account when the Bigfoot could not be clearly viewed. Class C sightings are any second or third hand stories due to the high chance of inaccuracy in the details of the event. 



Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek


  • Human like ape creature
  • Long arms
  • Long dark hair
  • Three toes on each foot
  • Bright red eyes
  • 17 inch (43 cm) long feet
  • Seven feet (2.14 meters) tall
  • Three feet (1 meter) wide
  • Up to 300 pounds (136 kg)

Fun facts

  • Originally called Jonesville monster based on where it was first seen
  • Will attack humans
  • There are five movies based on the creature
  • There is is a gift shop in forke arkansas called the monster mart
  • Also called forke monster


  • First seen in 1946
  • Sighted again in mid 60’s
  • In 1971 it made headlines when it attacked the home of bobby and elizabeth. Elizabeth saw a dark hair creature with red that was about seven feet high on her porch. Bobby and his brother don saw it when they returned home from hunting and shot at the being then ran to the woods.
  • Bobby saw the creature again later that night. At midnight the creature pinned him to the ground. He managed to escape him with only scratches and a case of shock

cryptid-quest: Cryptid of the Day: Manipogo


Cryptid of the Day: Manipogo

Description: Many Canadian cryptids copy Ogopogo’s name, such as Igopogo and Winnipogo. Manipogo is seen on Lake Manitoba, and the first sighting of the monster was reported on 1909 by a Hudson Bay Company trader. Sightings peaked during the mid 20th century, and a rumor states that the creature was killed and sold in 1997.

December 14th, 2012 – Mothman


While today’s feature figure wasn’t necessarily a character from ancient mythos or fairy folklore, this insect-like creature of urban legend is still, in my opinion, a mythological creature. I mean, urban mythology is still mythology, you know? So with that, I humbly introduce the first cryptid to be featured in the blog: Mothman!

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Cryptid 00002: Mothman

The Mothman is a monster reportedly seen around Point Pleasant in West Virginia, as some sort of bird-moth-humanoid. It is described to stand upright, have a wingspan of 20 feet (on which it supposedly reached speeds of up to 100 miles an hour), and two glowing red eyes in the upper chest area. It is also supposed to black or brownish in coloration, and an overwhelming 6-7 feet in height. Strangely, it is described by some as gliding rather than flying, as the Mothman has been known to swoop down and follow people, chasing them around (although it there have been no reports of a Mothman attack). The Mothman has been reported to have a loud, whining screech that has been described as “like a generator winding up”. One interesting case of the Mothman comes from the case of the Silver Bridge. In 1967 the Silver Bridge collapsed during rush hour and killed 46 people. The cause was due to a failure in a suspension chain, the bridge collapsed almost immediately. The strange part was the creature had been spotted earlier near the bridge, leading some to believe that the Mothman was responsible. However, others believe that was simply an omen of the disaster to come. Whatever the case, the Mothman could have probably been confused with a wayward snowy owl, as Point Pleasant is just outside of the bird’s usual range. The Mothman’s glowing eyes can probably be traced back to the owls’ reflective eyes, and its swooping down and following people is something that owls often do to snatch up their prey. Also side note, apparently the locals named the beast Mothman after Batman.

Monster Monday: Mothman and the Silver Bridge

Monster Monday: Mothman and the Silver Bridge:


Is Mothman connected to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967?

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This video of what people believe was an alien big cat was recorded in 2014 in Norwalk, California. Many people in the area went into a panic about what seemed to be a lion taking a casual stroll past the camera. However, a while after the video was made public, an unnamed resident of the town claimed that the animal on screen was their dog, Buddy. An official of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, does agree that the “stocky build” of the animal resembles a dog rather than a feline. However, others still aren’t convinced. 

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The skookum is a Bigfoot-like creature spotted in Washington state. Unlike Bigfoot, the skookum is allegedly predatory, said to have caused a number of deaths in the Mount St. Helens region. 

The above cast is alleged to be of a skookum’s left forearm, hip, thigh and buttocks. It was taken in 2000 during a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization expedition. 

It has been argued that the imprints were left by an elk.