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The Fouke Monster is a bipedal ape like creature that is reported to reside near the town of Fouke, Arkansas. The creature was first spotted in 1971, and was last spotted in 2010. The Fouke Monster was accused of killing livestock, and for terrorizing the locals. It is described as being 7-8 feet tall with a weight of 250-300 pounds. Some describe the creature as having three toes, while others say it has five, and also said to have a terrible odor of wet dog and skunk. The creature has been accused of killing hikers, livestock, dogs, and even children. The creature was so famous at the time that they made a film called The Legend of Boggy Creek.


The Napa Rebobs are a group of strange creatures sighted near the town of Napa, California. They are described as bizarre, winged monkey-like creatures. Stories exist of them roosting in the trees along Patrick Road in Napa Valley, attacking travellers.

There are rumours of a secret laboratory somewhere off Patrick Road, and it is speculated that the Rebobs are the result of a dailed experiment.

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ROBBIE ENCOUNTERS THE MOTHMAN – Cryptid Hunter Robbie Huntington checks out The Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This metal monster represents the local legend of the Mothman: a strange flying humanoid creature allegedly witnessed by dozens of locals in and around the towns of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Gallipolis, Ohio in 1966-67. Sightings of the unknown monster abruptly ended after the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967 which took the lives of 46 locals – one of the worst of such disasters in history. The town of Point Pleasant holds an annual Mothman Festival each year in September to remember the Mothman Mystery and the areas rich and strange history. The world’s only Mothman Museum can be found next to the statue. The Mystery of the Mothman has never been fully explained. The sculpture is by Robert Roach. Photo by Michael Huntington – September, 2016. @Huntington_Strange_Travels #StrangeTravels #MichaelHuntington #HuntingtonFamily #HuntingtonAdventures #HuntingtonBoys #MothmanStatue #MothmanSculpture #Mothman #SilverBridgeCollapse #Cryptids #MothmanMuseum #MothmanFestival2016 #RobertRoach #PointPleasantWestVirginia (at Point Pleasant, West Virginia)

Throwback Thursday: The Jersey Devil in January of 1909:


Here’s a famous sighting flap involving one of our favorite monsters.


The Giant Dragonfish-

The Giant Dragonfish has only been sighted once by a William Beebe in a bathysphere, of the coast of Bermuda in 1932. It practically looks like a giant version of a deep sea Dragonfish. The average size for a Dragonfish is 6.2 inches, but biggest officially found was 15 inches. The Giant Dragonfish was apparently at least 6ft long. 

It had been described of having pale-blue lights on it’s side and 2 vertical tendril’s each tipped with a light. It’s head was also said to be bit bigger than an average Dragonfish in proportioned to it’s body. 

There isn’t much information about this creature but William Beebe has wrote down in finding of his voyage underwater in his book titled, ‘Half Mile Down’. 

Beware and Wonder the unknown~

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These vicious, marsupial-like primates have reportedly attacked humans across North America since 1934.


The Beast of Bladenboro

Bladenboro is a small community surrounded by pine forests and swamps at the southeastern edge of the North Carolina piedmont. In the Decmeber of 1953 a local woman heard her neighbors’ dogs barking and whimpering. She said she saw a large, cat-like creature skulk off into the darkness. On New Year’s Eve, police were called to a local farm. Two of the owner’s dogs had been killed by something powerful and had been completely drained of blood.

One man said he watched from his service station as a dog was attacked by a large creature and dragged into the woods. People said they saw an animal “like a bear or a panther” that was “three feet long, twenty inches high, with a long tail and a cat’s face.” Others reported hearing the creature’s scream coming from the swamps near the town, saying it sounded “like a woman with a knife stuck in her back.” People searched for the beast, but all they found were paw-prints “larger than a silver dollar” and the mangled body of a mountain lion. Later there were no more sightings, and it was believed that the beast had gone back to the darkness of the swamp which he emerged from. 


Battle Creek Folklore: Do You Believe In The Dogman Of Fort Custer?

The Dogman, a mythical werewolf-like canine, has long captured the imaginations of Michiganders. Its existence has never been proven, of course.

As a piece of folklore, questions of its existence are part of the fabric of communities like Battle Creek.

And October, when bedtime stories and campfire tales often dip into the strange, unexplained, paranormal and macabre, seems a fitting time to revisit the legend.

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‘Are you calling about the Sasquatch?’ – The Boston Globe:


Bigfoot rumors in Bradford, VT are probably aimed at tourism in this case. But you never know.

FBI Releases File Detailing 1976 Examination of Hair That Purportedly Came from Bigfoot:


An interesting story that likely isn’t breaking news to fans of The Black Vault.