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I know many people are skeptical of using radios for communication, I used to feel that way also. But after many years of using & testing this method, I know that we are receiving voices other than those coming from radio stations. This is just a quick example to show actual communication & how to prove it. I’m using the Psb7 radio, because it’s perfect for this kind of experiment. This radio has specific scan rates, 100 milliseconds, 200, 250 etc. which you can choose. For this I used 100 milliseconds, the fastest setting on fm. 100 milliseconds means that the radio is scanning each station at 1/10th of a second. The voice you hear is speaking across four radio stations. Pay attention to the radio numbers, it starts at 105.1 & goes to 105.4, the voice occurs in that space. (I’ll get a better view next time of the radio numbers). This voice isn’t coming from just one station, it’s a phrase & it’s intelligible. You can also look at the audio file from a Psb7, & see the stations evenly spaced, these voices will span several to many of those stations.

“More Weirdness From Above and Beyond” | Paranormal Stories

Published on Feb 28, 2020

In this video I look at three cases including a case in which a burglar was detained by a ghost, a balloonist encounters a strange anomaly in the sky and a woman overhears something chilling the night her aunt passes away.

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Author: Beyond Creepy

Source: Today News, Darkness Radio and Peterborough Intelligencer

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30 East Drive – HAUNTED Historic House

Published on Feb 28, 2020

Watch GOB Investigate the black monk, 30 EAST DRIVE, The Pontefract Poltergeist LIVE. UKS most famous and most documented haunting case!

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HauntingLIVE! – in Thunder Bay, Ontario – Part 4 by: HauntingLIVE! OGPS FILMING

The Hopkinsville Creatures: What On Earth Were They? Richard Dolan Livestream.

Streamed live on 22 Feb 2020

The Hopkinsville UFO incident of 1955 is one of those cases of alleged alien contact that is so outlandish that it seems impossible. And that’s a justified position. Yet, quite a few responsible researchers at the time looked deeply into the case and came away as believers. What allegedly happened, and could it have been something other than what a dozen terrified witnesses claimed?

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The Barracks Tavern Paranormal Investigation by: PSPRErie


Part 2 The Barracks Tavern Paranormal Investigation by: PSPRErie

Eerie Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police