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Masked Face Beings – Paranormal Communication …

Masked Face Beings – Paranormal Communication with Another World: undefined

myhauntedsalem: Who is that behind the door…


Who is that behind the door?  

In April 2017 I went on a ghost tour of the Whaley House in San Diego.

I took many pictures while on the tour. Later on in the evening, I went through my photos to see if I caught anything.

In the doorframe of this bedroom, there appears to be a figure looking at the camera. 

Submitted by: Theshadebusiness

myhauntedsalem: Looking Straight at It


Looking Straight at It

This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests (I think he/she snapped it with a cell phone camera). The professional photographer (you can see part of his gear to the right in the picture) had no “natural” explanation for the “figure.”

He hadn’t seen any camera “glitch” like it before, and they said no one else was standing where the figure is standing. So what do you think?

myhauntedsalem: 7 Signs of Poltergeist Acti…


7 Signs of Poltergeist Activity  

You put your set of keys or your cell phone down in the place you always put it. You turn around a minute later and it’s gone. You and your family search high and low for it, but it cannot be found. Later—sometimes days later or longer—the object mysteriously reappears in the very place you always put it. Or, more bizarrely, you later find it in a ridiculous place, like high on a bookshelf, in a shoe box in the closet or some other spot where you’d never put it in a million years. This is known as the Disappearing Object Phenomenon.

2 – Objects Levitating or Thrown

You’re sitting there watching TV, totally engrossed in a dramatic movie, when suddenly the bowl of popcorn you’ve been munching from rises from the coffee table, floats through the air a few feet, then drops to the floor. Or… you’re having a loud argument with your teenage daughter, and as she storms out of the room, books and knick-knacks come hurtling off of the bookcase, as if reacting to the young girl’s anger.

The movement of physical objects like this can be quite dramatic and can be as slight as a box of Tic Tacs sliding a few inches across a tabletop or as amazing as a heavy refrigerator levitating off the kitchen floor.

3 – Scents and Odors

No one in your house smokes, yet on occasion, the distinct smell of cigarette or cigar smoke can be detected in the bathroom. Or as you’re dressing for bed, suddenly the overpowering scent of lilacs fills the room.

As stated above, all kinds of smells can enter your house from the outside, even from a passing car, so such scents might not necessarily mean poltergeist.

Such scents and odors can also be a sign of ghost activity as they might be associated with a spirit or with a residual haunting.

4 – Electrical Interference

Johnny is having a tough time in school, and sometimes when he enters the living room with that scowl on his face, the overhead light and lamps flicker. Or it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you’re shocked out of sleep by the stereo in the den turning on full blast and it doesn’t have a remote control that could have set it off accidentally, either from inside or outside the house.

5 – Power From Nowhere

That antique clock on the fireplace mantle hasn’t worked in years, but it’s a family heirloom and you like how it looks there, so you’ve kept it. Quite suddenly, it begins to chime and the second-hand resumes moving, even though the clock hasn’t been wound in ten years. Maybe it’s 9:15 p.m. and the little kids are sound asleep in bed when suddenly Billy’s little choo-choo train begins to chug across the living room floor. You think that’s odd, but you switch it off and put it back down. A few minutes later, the little train starts up again. Thinking there’s something wrong with the switch, you open the battery compartment to remove the batteries… but there are no batteries in it!

6 – Knocks, Rappings, Footsteps, and Other Noises

You’re in your office trying to balance the checkbook, but you find it hard to concentrate when your husband is in the other room banging on the wall for some reason. You go to investigate, but then remember your husband is out bowling—he isn’t even home. No one else is. So where’s that knocking coming from? Or the family is at the kitchen table deep into a heated game of Monopoly. Suddenly, all the chatter stops when everyone’s attention is drawn to the sound of footsteps coming up the basement stairs. Dad checks it out, but of course, there is no one there.

7 – Physical Attacks

Twelve-year-old Alyssa can’t stand how her parents are always fighting. The constant yelling and screaming are driving her crazy. She sits on the floor in the corner of her room, crying with her face in her hands. She winces from a sudden pain in her back. When she checks it in a mirror, she finds fresh scratches. Or the poltergeist activity—from unexplained bangs to flying coffee pots—has been escalating at the Ferman household, and young Becky seems to be the center of it all. It got at its worst when visiting Uncle Donald received sharp slaps across the face, seemingly from an unseen hand.





ghostquest-usa: Old Salem Jail in Salem, Mass…


Old Salem Jail in Salem, Massachusetts:

The Old Salem #Jail on St. Peter Street in #Salem, Massachusetts was constructed in 1813. It was the site of over 50 #executions before finally being shut down in 1991, after being sued by several inmates due to inhumane living conditions. In 2008 the #historic property was purchased and converted into luxury #apartments, with the ground level also serving as an #arcade bar called Bit Bar Salem, and a #restaurant called The Great Escape. Residents living at the old #jailhouse often report witnessing the #apparitions of former #prisoners who were hanged at the location, as well as feeling unexplained cold spots or sudden drops in temperature. Others report hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and screams, in addition to feeling a strange presence, as if they are somehow not alone. Although the Old Salem Jail is now home to more modern amenities, much of the original brick and other features of the jail still remain, including iron-barred doors inside the building, and a trap door in the floor which marks the site where former inmates were hanged.

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myhauntedsalem: Lord Baltimore Hotel


Lord Baltimore Hotel

Baltimore, Maryland

The Lord Baltimore Hotel’s long history in the city has earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Designed by William Lee Stoddard, it was the largest hotel in the state of Maryland when it opened its doors in 1928.

Guests have reported feeling invisible hands touch them in the elevators, but the 19th floor is said to be particularly haunted. The elevators go to the 19th floor when no one has pressed a button to send them there, and, according to some, the ghost of a little girl who is said to have committed suicide in the hotel frequents its halls.

myhauntedsalem: Confederate Ghost


Confederate Ghost

This photograph was taken by a tourist visiting the Confederate cemetery near Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen when the picture was taken however if you look to the upper right of the photograph, hovering in the trees appears to be a figure of man in uniform. Closer examination suggests him to be a Confederate soldier.

blogparanormalexpresso2stuff: The Scariest …


The Scariest Vintage Ghost Photos Ever Taken

From a ghost photographed at a spiritualist convention to a ghost photo that may have instigated a murder confession, we take a look at the scariest vintage ghost photos ever taken.

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