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5 Real Life Mysterious Events That People Co…

5 Real Life Mysterious Events That People Couldn’t Explain  

 5 real life mysterious events that people couldn’t explain. We take a look at these 5 real life mysterious events that people couldn’t explain. 

 We take a look at these 5 real life mysterious events that people couldn’t explain. One of these is a mysterious photo. “After taking some photograph this group of friends captures something they can’t explain. They had this to say. ” This picture was taken a couple years ago at a friend’s relative’s house. 

The guy in the picture to the left is me.

A couple of years ago, myself and about five other friends got together and spent the night at one of our houses. Everything was fine and we spent most of the night playing video games and watching youtube videos, after this some of us decided to go to bed.“

CREEPY LIVE STREAM! Scary photos, Monsters, UF…

CREEPY LIVE STREAM! Scary photos, Monsters, UFO Footage and Horror Stories!: undefined

Webcams that let you see ghosts online — live…

Webcams that let you see ghosts online — live!: undefined

Under Arrest


In Episode 227 of All Day Paranormal, Krystle and Manny recap “Haunted Live,” discuss the unusual psychological attacks in Cuba, and Post Malone’s curse.


– Post Malone’s Curse:

– Handcuffing ghosts:


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myhauntedsalem: Shadow Creatures


Shadow Creatures

Shadow creatures, also called shades, shadow people, shades, shadow beings, and a host of other names are a mysterious, and often frightening apparition.

Tales of these creatures have been around for almost as long as humanity has dwelt upon the planet. They always appear as a dark shadowy form, often in the peripheries of people’s vision, as well appearing in full view. If they become aware of being noticed they will simply disappear, or fade away into the dark and shadowy corners of rooms and closets.

They seem to be drawn to places where violence has been perpetrated, or is immanent. Many theories abound as to what these creatures are and why these things are drawn to violence, sorrow, and other forms of suffering, but none have been proven to be fact. Most of the time we see them on those nights when, in spite of there being an almost full moon and plenty of security lights burning, the night is unusually dark and feeling extremely tense and creepy. They will dart through the shadows of the trees and have even raise right up in front of us…seemingly from the very ground itself.

Reports of shadow creatures are very common. People sensitive to the supernatural world seem to see these creatures on a pretty routine basis, but even folks who have never seen a U.F.O or have not so much as a hint of psychic ability about them report seeing these bizarre beings. The reports about these shadow beings differ in one respect from the usual spirit or ghost sightings in that these creature have no human features like spirits or ghosts.

Shadow creatures are never reported wearing either modern or period clothing, nor do they make any attempt to communicate with the observer. There have been a few reports of people being chased by shadow creatures, and even more rarely, of people being attacked by shadow beings. There have been numerous reports of shadow creatures just popping right into being in front of witnesses, linger for a few seconds, and then disappear just as fast. Most people report that these encounters almost always leave them with feelings of a heavy sadness and dread.

The numerous accounts given by countless witnesses about these shadow beings usually describe them as being a dark, solid black, humanoid shape having little or no facial characteristics. There are also several reports of these beings appearing to be child-sized, or shapeless, dark, black or gray mass that will often shift to a more human like form. Sometimes these creatures are reported as having glowing red eyes.

Some other, much more frightening accounts are given by people describing what appears to be a dark, humanoid shaped phantom with the outline of a cloak, and the outline of a flat wide-brimmed hat. This last type is sometimes called the “hat-man” and is often a terrifying and malevolent apparition that is accompanied by paralysis, bone-chilling coldness, and a feeling of fear for one’s life.

myhauntedsalem: The Willard Library Ghosts


The Willard Library Ghosts

There are reports of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ghostly encounters.

myhauntedsalem: James Worson Mystery


James Worson Mystery

On September 3, 1873, a man named James Worson had accepted a challenge to race, in record time, from the town of Leamington to the town of Coventry, a 20-mile trek. He had been boasting of his foot skills and then was asked to prove them, so, with sporting good spirits, he set about to do just that. Two friends , Hammerson Burns and Barham Wise, followed behind in a horse-drawn gig. Burns brought along his camera. Worson was never out of their sight, and would often turn around while running to exchange some friendly words with the two riders. Running in the middle of the road, Worson suddenly appeared to stumble and pitch forward, having time enough for only one short, piercing scream. Wise later said, “It was the most ghastly sound ether of us had ever heard.” But as Worson pitched forward with that terrible cry, instead of falling to the ground as he appeared to be about to have done, he completely and totally vanished in mid-fall, before ever striking the ground.

The road itself told the story and Wise took the pictures to prove it. There, in the soft dirt, were Worson’s footprints.They led down the middle of the road, looked as if the runner stumbled, and there they disappeared. A search was called and the locals scoured the area for James. The bloodhounds used in the search were strangely reluctant to approach the spot where Worson disappeared. He was never seen or heard from again.

myhauntedsalem: Fleeing From The Fire Ghost P…


Fleeing From The Fire Ghost Photo

Shows a ghostly woman and child near the site of a raging fire.

myhauntedsalem: Angel Photo


Angel Photo

A hospice nurse passed this along to me. As one of her patients was getting close to passing over, the patient said that she was sensing someone in a secluded area of the room. She was given a small camera to try to capture what she was seeing. (She took this photo at night). When the film was developed, this is what appeared. This is my photograph of the photograph. Again, there could be many things that account for this shot, but I believe that this indeed is a photo of an angel.

blogparanormalexpresso2stuff: UFO Fast Movi…


UFO Fast Moving UFO Flies Over Helicopter WITNESS SPEAKS OUT!

Published on 15 Sep 2015

UFO Sighting in Europe. Watch as this UFO buzzes helicopter in Slovakia. The witness recorded this UFO Sighting. This video was submitted to LookNowTV via Facebook. Many people do not want to come forward in fear of public ridicule. Thank you to Miroslav Kordiak for submitting this interesting UFO video.

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