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Villagers spooked by huge glowing oval-shaped UFO in the sky over Krasnodar, Russia

Posted: 28 Nov 2019 07:57 PM PST

A strange phenomenon has been filmed in the sky above a field by two friends while driving in a rural area in Krasnodar Region in Russia on November 27, 2019.

New Zealand Man Films Strange Black Object In Sky

Weird pyramid-shaped alien object spotted in the sky above Munich, Germany

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 10:17 PM PDT

New video from Mrmb333 shows a strange blinking and flashing object in the sky that de-cloaks itself into a v-shaped craft.

FULL Hour of Spectacular Sky Phenomena from around the World – MrMBB333


Cube-shaped anomaly filmed in the sky over Ohio

Posted: 26 Mar 2019 07:40 AM PDT

Another square cloud or cube-like anomaly has been filmed in the sky over Ohio.

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