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Sci-fi illustrator, Angus McKie.

How long can a human survive in space?: undefined

Deep space radio bursts are baffling scientists:

Their point of origin is seven times closer than the last repeating radio burst, and more so because the galaxy this incident stemmed from is awfully similar to the one currently occupied by humanity.

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles

NASA just found a nearby, Earth-like planet: undefined


Legendary astronaut says ‘aliens exist and could be here on Earth’:



When Michael was asked to do a new cover for Ray Bradbury’s classic THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, he reread it and found he was deeply moved by the sense of inevitable tragedy that permeates the first half of the book. He was also struck by the weirdness of the Martian culture and noted that the cities were said to be like bones. He liked the metaphor enough to use bone and corallike forms for the architecture. Harkening back to legends of comets being harbingers of doom, the trail of the descending craft from Earth became the chief symbolic element in the painting.


Frank Brunner – Flying Saucers, 1967.

Group Of UFOs “TAKE OUT” Satellite In Space?