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The Scariest Vintage Ghost Photos Ever Taken

From a ghost photographed at a spiritualist convention to a ghost photo that may have instigated a murder confession, we take a look at the scariest vintage ghost photos ever taken.

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Possible apparition of what appears to be a man hanging from a tree captured during a ghost walk in Somerset County Maryland in Jan 2015. The motion blur in the photo is likely due to hand movement.

Princess Anne’s history owes some of its fame (or perhaps notoriety) to vigilante justice, specifically the lynchings of two men some 36 years apart who were George Armwood (d 1933) and William Andrews (d 1897).”

Portly Ghost in the Attic!

This is the house (museum) of Dr Edward Jenner, who was born in 1749, who is credited with inventing vaccination. He specifically invented the smallpox vaccine.
This set of pictures were taken by a photographer at the “House in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.” The picture displays a portly ghostly man setting between the two beds. The photographer noticed the image straight away through the LCD screen but could see nothing with his eyes. He retook the picture several times from the same exact position with no ghostly image. There may also be an image of a female to the left as well. No tours were ever offered in that attic up to that time… but since then, ghost tours of the attic were created. The staff believes it to be one of Dr Jenner’s servants who lived in the attic rooms in the early 1800’s.  

Note: “House in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.”

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Gemma writes, this photo was taken in November 2013 in Kent, UK. It’s of my sister kissing her daughter before bed. It was at my sister’s apartment/flat, but there were no unusual circumstances. If you look towards the curtains, there appears to be face and upper body of a spirit. Please advise us of what we might do and if this might be a threat to our family.


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Spooky Collection of Ghost Photos!

Will Jacques has become fascinated with the supernatural. And he has been able to capture many interesting photos of what he believes are beings from the afterlife. We have posted a few of them here for your viewing.


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10 CHILLING GHOST Photos With Backstories!

10 CHILLING GHOST Photos With Backstories! Halloween is coming guys! From an unknown dark figure standing in an old rural area to caught on camera unexplained selfie moments. We take a look at some paranormal possible ghost evidence from around the world! Don’t worry, this video is very G-Rated, family friendly & very safe to watch! Make sure you keep your lights on though!

Let’s take a look. You be the judge!

5 Spooky Paranormal Entities Photographed at Haunted Locations: undefined


The Pink Lady Of Greencastle

These pictures were taken in Greencastle Indiana by paranormal investigators who were investigating an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. While one investigator entered the house, the other stayed outside to take pictures of the exterior of the ruined building.

The investigator on the inside became panicked by a feeling that he wasn’t alone and began hearing what he described as a heartbeat next to his ear. He quickly left the house and he and his colleague, spooked by the entire encounter, fled the area in a hurry.

When the film was developed, three consecutive pictures showed a wispy figure bathed in a pink light in one of the windows while another picture showed the same figure at the backdoor.

The Eerie History of Ghost Photos

From the ghost photo of Lord Combermere to the mysterious ghost photos of the 20th century, we look at the eerie history of ghost photos. 

20.20 – Mysterious Universe Podcast

Peter Bebergal joins us on this episode to discuss his new book ‘Strange Frequencies: The Extraordinary Story of the Technological Quest for the Supernatural‘ and explore the psychological and spiritual dimensions of technology.

Along the way we discuss Bebergal’s quest to create a Golem and an automaton, before investigating the world of EVPs, spirit photography and hacking the human consciousness

Then in our Plus+ extension Aaron investigates the modern folklore of Hawaii and we discuss the strange phenomenon witnessed on a Japanese sugar plantation.