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Thus begins the most astonishing true-life odyssey ever recorded—one man’s riveting account of his extraordinary experiences with visitors from “elsewhere” … how they found him, where they took him, what they did to him, and why.

Believe it. Or don’t believe it. But read it—for this gripping story will move you like no other. It will fascinate you, terrify you, and alter the way you experience your world.


“Powerfully written and involving!” (New York Times)

“Strieber comes through as both sensible and sincere…His book deserves to be taken seriously.” (Boston Herald)

“Powerful…Strieber’s storytelling ability makes his own terror and confusion feel real to the reader…Compelling reading.” (Seattle Times)

“…COMMUNION is surely the most throught-provoking book on UFOs and alien visitation published so far.” (Rocky Mountain News)

“Patently honest…There is no doubt this man has endured experiences of compelling realism.” (Vermont Sunday Magazine)

“Vividness of detail and depth of feeling…Convincing!” (New York Tribune)

“A fascinating story…And it certainly could be true.” (Detroit News)

“Should give second thoughts to even the most hardened skeptic!” (Dow Jones News)

“A convincing case.” (Houston Chronicle)

About the Author

Whitley Strieber is the bestselling author of the horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger, and this memoir, Communion—all of which were made into feature films. His books The Grays and 2012: The War for Souls are both being made into films, and his Web site,, is the largest of its kind in the world. Strieber was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

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Stunned Witness Captured UFOs Rendezvousing Over Yvelines, France

2019-10-05, 11:32 PM, Yvelines, France

Witness states: It was 11:32 PM in the area of Gambais on October 5, 2019 when Lys Orlova was heading for a night out but from the moment she opened her front door she felt a strange atmosphere, “there was no noise no wind, it was cloudy” Lys told me. She went on to say that she was not prepared for what she was about to witness this night. At first Lys noticed three of the objects which formed a triangular formation only to be joined by five other objects. Lys Orlova told me that they formed a Pentagon and was moving slowly from left to right, “it was pretty big and it disappeared in the clouds.” she added.