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UFO SIGHTINGS Over Chile and Arizona | MichaelScot by: MichaelScot


During his tenure with MUFON, he had conducted numerous investigations into alleged UFO sightings and related experiences. He has discussed the subject of UFOs on several radio and television news programs over the years. He has also lectured on the subject to numerous school and adult audiences including at the university level.

David has assisted the History, Learning, Discovery, Science, and Smithsonian Channel on UFO documentaries over the years in addition to independent productions.

David has one of the largest personal libraries of UFO books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and case files from around the world that covers the last 65 years. With this he has been examining the detailed history of UFO sighting reports and related patterns.

‘Alien in my backyard:’ The UFO community still believes — and science is starting to listen: undefined

Cigar UFO Picks Up Two Other UFO Probes In Close Detail:


South Africa is not known for it’s own UFO sightings or UFO encounters but this UFO in the shape of a Cigar which is the general term for a “cigar shaped Unidentified Flying Object” actually becomes a UFO Mothership because it picks up two other UFO probes. We’re calling them UFO probes because they probably are probing in to places that the Cigar UFO can’t go maybe because of size, shape or the fact that it’s highly reflective what with having a silver colour top the outside material it has on it’s surface. The information that comes with this UFO sighting is that it was filmed over Johannesburg in South Africa and that it’s a clear and very detailed video but other than that there’s no date and that could really only mean that the eye witness wants to remain anonymous.

Mothership Cigar UFO picking up 2 smaller UFOs is stunning to see. It is about time the Governments of the world come clean and tell the public what we already know anyways. They need to just confirm our opinions and theories and beliefs.

More than 200 UFO sightings reported in Arizona in 2019: undefined


Caught on camera is this magnificent UFO in the shape of a diamond. Is it a diamond or is it a Flying Saucer (wider horizontally across and vertically a lot smaller) which makes it essentially a UFO in the shape of a Flying Saucer even though it has very straight lines on all it’s sides which makes it resemble a diamond.

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This is cool. Where was it filmed and how long ago?

Group Of UFOs “TAKE OUT” Satellite In Space?

Cigar UFO hovering over Harbor airport, Phoenix, Great sighting & Zoom (Disclose Screen): undefined


Project Blue Book fan art

This was like a 1.5 second scene at the end of the recent Project Blue Book TV ads. I swear I have watched more History Channel in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life, just to catch the ads! 😉  I have no idea why Hynek is being dragged off by the Men in Hats (cuz I’m pretty sure the second from left is The Fixer), and the scene is so fast, it’s hard to tell where it’s happening, but I think it’s the dock scene seen in another ad. 

And Quinn surely wouldn’t let him get snatched, so where is Quinn?