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UFO:s Reported by Airline Pilots. The reason why pilots don´t talk.

Published on 12 Feb 2017

UFO:s Reported by Airline Pilots.

Pilots may lose their jobs if they talk about alien and UFO sightings, could it be the reason why we don´t hear more from them.
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The Klinger’s Couple Close UFO Encounter Incident with Missing Time (1975) – FindingUFO

On June 1975, Karen Klinger and her ex-husband (Dennis Murawska) had decided to get out of their car and walk down a small pier by a lake. The moon, which she had noticed moments earlier, was nearly full and high in the sky at a 45-degree angle, suddenly vanished. All of a sudden something that looked like a bright orange star zipped above the trees over their heads and began to dart in diagonals from one end of the horizon to the other like a falling leaf.

Two other identical objects then appeared. At the urging of her fiancé, Klinger rushed back to the nearby cabin where they were staying with four other people, and begged them all to hurry to the lake to see the objects, which became larger and larger as they got closer and closer to where everyone stood watching. One witness in the group took out a high beam lantern from his car trunk and flashed it four times at the objects, which responded by flashing bright beams of light onto the ground the same number of times.

Klinger and her ex-husband noted a period of missing time. Later under hypnotic regression Karen remembered having a feeling of being enveloped by an intense white beam. Later she recalled facing a form that had static electricity around it. It had a head with shoulders. She received telepathic messages of what the figure was trying to convey.

The message was that the world was on the verge of environmental catastrophe and that she had a role to play in the rebuilding process. They say that they were not going to allow humans to destroy themselves.