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The Calvin Parker Abduction Story

The Calvin Parker Abduction Story: undefined

New Witnesses Come Forward to Corroborate Case…

New Witnesses Come Forward to Corroborate Case of 1973 Abduction in Pascagoula, Mississippi:


We are thrilled that more witnesses have come forward to corroborate one of our favorite cases.

Believers, Experiencers, Scientists and Spooks…

Believers, Experiencers, Scientists and Spooks: Meet ‘The UFO People | Mysterious Universe: undefined

Is It All Just UFOlogical History Repeating?

Is It All Just UFOlogical History Repeating?: undefined

‘There Are Multiple Races of Aliens Visiting P…

‘There Are Multiple Races of Aliens Visiting Planet Earth Right Now’ Tom DeLonge: undefined



“The objects in the footage have the structure of a specific material that is definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation, balloon, prop, model, or special effects used for simulation in a studio.”

The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey

The 2007 video begins on 6-20 and films several days before ending on 8-31. During that time round, disc, and oval shaped craft were seen and filmed maneuvering over the sea while occasionally changing direction. The same thing happened again in 2008 and 2009.

Between May 22 and Sep 28 of 2008 the objects once again returned again curiously to the same area. Having had extremely good luck previously when attempting to film the objects, Yalcin and his friends set out to find them again on June 12, 2008. It is important to realize that the following unidentified craft was at a long distance from the camera and above the sea. Contained below are still frames and video footage, and satellite image of the area. 

The Turkey UFO incident involved multiple dates over three years between 2007 and 2009 when various objects including round, disc, and cigar shaped craft which hovered over the sea. During that time reports of unknown aerial objects were reported across Turkey on a repeated basis and a series of videos were taken by a local resident Murat Yalcin. The objects were seen by many people who live in Turkey over several days and nights. They filed reports with SIRIUS UFO Research which is Turkey’s primary UFO organization. The video was recorded with a camera that had a tele-converter adapter capable of filming at 200 times optical achieving a great amount of detail. One thing that makes this case credible is that it was analyzed by “The Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey” and “TUG National Observatory” which reviewed the footage with the goal of discovering a hoax but were unsuccessful. The film has been studied by experts from Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Russia. After several attempts nobody has been able to successfully debunk the videos. To the current date they remain unidentified.

generationexorcist: Virginia USA Witness Repo…


Virginia USA Witness Reports Manipulative Alien Abduction.  

0n 31 March, writer and UFO researcher Roger Marsh published an article on UFO specialised about “a possible alien abduction” that allegedly took place in Norfolk, State of Virginia, on 3 March.

“A Virginia witness at Norfolk reports a possible alien abduction after experiencing lost time and personal items that were moved”, Mr Marsh wrote.

According to him, the witness was in her bedroom, “preparing to go to sleep, when the incident began”. It occurred at 1:47 a.m., the article reveals.

“I know the exact time because I told myself that I was still going to be able to get up early despite the time”, said the witness, quoted by Mr Marsh. However, the next thing she knew was that she was “walking from my kitchen to the bathroom”. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘Why was I in the kitchen?’ I didn’t have food or anything in my hands”, the victim expressed.

But the strangest part of the event would come next.

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X-Zone Broadcast Network – Alejandro Rojas

X-Zone Broadcast Network – Alejandro Rojas: undefined

UFOs in Water: USOs

UFOs in Water: USOs: undefined

blogparanormalexpresso2stuff: Peter Robbins…


Peter Robbins on UFOs, alien agenda & alien abduction! Dr J Radio LIVE

Published on 22 May 2015

Dr J Andy Ilias interviewed Peter Robbins in March 2015 on Listen live Tuesdays 7-9pm PT and Thursdays 7-9pm PT where you can call in and ask questions yourselves at 818-923-1713; generally. Tuesdays hour 2 we take calls and Thursdays are the guests who don’t take calls. You can always see what is coming and see if we have open lines by watching weekly the show site and you can see so much more information.……