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🔘 a shooting star, leaping through the sky like a tiger defying the laws of gravity

An ex-US Marine suggests the cigar-shaped UFOs that have been observed across the country in recent months could be something beyond a secret military programme. […]


During the 19th century in Maine, something very bizarre happened with a group of lumberjacks. Known as the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, these lumberjacks exhibited a very perplexing and rare disorder with origins unknown. The disorder made the group of men literally do whatever they were told, even if something negative. Other symptoms of the disorder were randomly jumping, shouting, and hitting. While there have been several theories as to what caused this odd disorder, it still remains unknown.

8000-Year-Old Shipyard Located off English Coast is World’s Oldest: undefined


This is widely believed to be the last ever photo taken of a Barbary Lion (a species now extinct). The picture was taken from on board a Casablanca-Dacar flight in 1925. Barbary Lions were among the largest lions ever, and were famously used for entertainment/fights in Gladiator Arenas. [850×514]