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The Klerksdorp Spheres: Out-of-Place Artefacts…

The Klerksdorp Spheres: Out-of-Place Artefacts, or Products of Nature? – The Daily Grail: undefined

The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster:


Today marks the 66th anniversary of the Flatwoods Monster sighting in West Virginia. Seen amidst a high point of interest in the U.S.’s burgeoning UFO culture, the monster stunned seven eyewitnesses with its sudden appearance following a bright object falling from the sky on September 12th, 1952.

UFO News Article: “Men taken aboard UFO? – Nea…

UFO News Article: “Men taken aboard UFO? – Nearby radar jammed”:


15 October 1973(Journal News, Hamilton, Ohio)


The article reports on the 11 October 1973 Charles Hickson/Calvin Parker UFO incident (occurred in Pascagoula, Mississippi).

The Most Beautiful People She Had Ever Seen

The Most Beautiful People She Had Ever Seen:

Near Sydney, Australia – 1978 – 1830 hours: The 18-year old witness, who had earlier felt a strange compulsion to leave for the weekend and rent a room at an isolated, old hotel on the coast, was in her room, which overlooked the water, sitting on a chair, as it was getting dark. After about an hour she noticed a very bright light up in the sky that seemed to be moving in her direction. The bright object suddenly began to descend and began hovering very close to the window, only about 50 feet above the water. Then after an apparent time lapse, she found herself opening her eyes and now lying flat on her bed, it was now daylight and she soon was stunned to learn that two days had passed without her remembering anything. She went back home and as she sat in her room pondering what had happened, an avalanche of thoughts poured into her brain. She soon remembered that as she sat in the chair staring at the light she suddenly found herself onboard of what appeared to be a “spacecraft.”

Disoriented she watched a group of “people” standing in front of her. There were two men and three women, the men were the closest to her, and the women just a few feet behind them. She described the humanoids as the most beautiful people she had ever seen. They all had jet black hair, and the most pearl/blue piercing eyes she had ever seen, their skin was extremely pale and their complexions flawless. Feeling scared she reached into her hand bag and grabbed a pair of scissors, holding them in both hands straight in front of her, in a threatening gesture. She yelled at the “aliens” not to come any closer to her. The man nearest to her simply smiled, then very slowly began to raise his arm until it was straight out in front of him. The scissors that the witness was holding suddenly began to melt; each part of the scissors began to roll back in a curling motion, until they wound up in a very tight curl. The man closest to her was the only one to speak and told the witness not to worry that they were not going to hurt her that they only needed to look at something.

The same man told her that they needed to look at her hands. He then gestured for her to follow and walked on a corridor that had a slight elevation upside. After about 10 feet they reached what appeared to be an alcove or indentation on the wall. There was a small apparatus there that looked like a mirrored surface, 2’ by 2’. She was asked to place her hands on top of the machine, as they needed to get a record. The man then walked down the corridor and left the witness alone. The man returned then gesture at the witness to again follow him down the corridor. They stopped beside a room and was told to please wait there. Curious she entered the room, and noticed that it was shaped somewhat like a half diamond, with slanting walls and ceiling. The entire room was an odd red/rust color. She then walked out of the room and followed the corridor in an upward direction. The corridor came up to a very large room, that was nearly pitch black, and the only thing in the entire room was a very comfortable looking recliner chair. She approached the chair and placed her hand on the armrest, immediately the room seem to change, and she felt “alone in the Universe.” She repeated this several times but soon the now familiar man appeared and told her not to touch the chair again and to follow him, as she walked down the corridor again, she suddenly found herself on the bed back at the hotel.

20.10 – Mysterious Universe – Jeremy Corbell &…

20.10 – Mysterious Universe – Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp:

Filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp join us on this episode to talk about their incredible upcoming documentary “Hunt for the Skinwalker“. 

 Based on the best-selling book by Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher, Hunt for The Skinwalker investigates the confidential, most extensive scientific study of a paranormal hotspot in human history. 

 Then later our Plus+ extension we complete our discussion of one of the biggest frauds in history and learn about the possible evil forces driving it.


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FOIA Links

The Freedom of Information Act has allowed access to all kinds of alien and ufo files being released. It’s all ways a fairly easy place to start when beginning your dive in to the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

It becomes clear after only a small amount of digging, that no matter how much the government denies the existence of alien life, they sure do have a bad handle on covering it up. I mean, how many weather balloons do people release in a day, really?

Between flimsy cover ups and credible ex-military accounts, it’s hard to imagine why they don’t just come out with it already.

💚NSA Declassified Documents

💚CIA FOIA Documents

💚FBI Unexplained Phenomena Vault

💚Ministry of Defense Archive

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By Top 5 Unknowns, The 5 Most Mysterious Phone Calls Ever Recorded that Cannot be Explained…

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unexplainedthings: UFO Sighting on 1927  –  Cave Junction,…


UFO Sighting on 1927  –  Cave Junction, Oregon