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At first glance, there might not seem anything off about this picture of a father and child. However, after reviewing the photo, the parents claimed that the child who appears in the background of the picture was not there when it was taken. They have both stated that it’s not their child nor is it a doll they own. (Source)

Blood traces discovered on Shroud of Turin – U…

Blood traces discovered on Shroud of Turin – Unexplained Mysteries: undefined

Lion-Like Creature and UFO Appear at Same Loca…

Lion-Like Creature and UFO Appear at Same Location:

Bailey from Alabama called to tell of an experience he had:

“I want to share something with you. I’m 71 years old and I’ve done a lot of security guard work. I go to work about 9:00 o’clock at night when I was working and there’s just one stretch of road in Alabama that it’s like…you’re gonna think I’m nuts. I’ve always been kind of a believer but I never really seen something so solid, but I saw these three lights and I thought it was a guy with an ultra-light who lived not far from there. He had an ultra-light in the field. I said, what is this idiot doing out in with an ultra-light at night because it’s about 9:30, at night.

Well, it kept coming and I slowed down. I never stopped and it went over me and there was these three lights and it was about the size of a…it looked like about the size of an ultra-light but there was no sound and it was about as high up as two telephone poles above me. It went right on across me and just drifted off out of sight.

At that same spot about a month before, I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting what I thought was a dog but it was huge…

Chased by a ‘Hairy Humanoid’

Chased by a ‘Hairy Humanoid’:

I saw and was chased by a humanoid…something in the woods outside my childhood home.

This was rural northern Wisconsin and I was 14. Up until that day I had zero fear of the woods. I spent most of my time out there exploring and feared nothing.

My parents had a lousy marriage and fought a lot and I felt more at home outside than in the house. On hot nights, I’d take a sleeping bag and sleep on the roof of an old shack on our property.

I saw bears, I saw wolves. They were always more afraid of me than me them. I didn’t believe in ghosts, Bigfoot, demons, or even God. I only got lost out there once when dark fell sooner than I expected. I stayed calm, found the north star, and knew that if I continued south I’d eventually come across the old railroad tracks near my house. Even the thought of spending the night out there didn’t bother me, the thought of my mom’s rage when I didn’t come home did.

UFO and Alien Asks


1. Do you believe in aliens?

 2. Do you believe in UFOs? 

3. Have you had any encounters? 

4. Have you seen any UFOs? 

5. Would you like to be abducted? 

6. If you had to be abducted, what alien species would you want to abduct you?

 7. Do you know anyone who have seen an alien or UFO?

 8. Does your family believe?

 9. What’s your favorite alien themed movie? 

10. Do you watch X-Files? 

11. What’s your favorite alien themed book? 

12. Do you own any clothes with aliens on it? 

13. Have you been to Roswell, New Mexico?

 14. How did you get into ufology or alien investigation? 

15. Are you a starseed? 

16. Do you believe in alien abduction? 

17. Have you had sleep paralysis before? 

18. Ever had any spooky dreams of UFOs or aliens? 

19. What is your favorite type of alien? 

20. Weirdest conspiracy theory you’ve heard about aliens?



Sweating Sickness was a mysterious illness that killed hundreds of people in the UK and Europe between the years 1485 to 1551. The majority of the cases were in England but some had been noticed in continental Europe. The symptoms included trembling and a high fever, accompanied by sweating, exhaustion, thirst and eventually the victim would fall asleep and never wake up. Patients would die within hours of the onset of symptoms.Since it was mainly localized in one island over 500 years ago no one is sure what caused it. People blame the poor hygiene and drinking water, but it gives no clue as to what this mysterious illness was and why it hasn’t resurfaced in centuries. Although some say it could be anything from a rare strain of hantavirus to anthrax, no one knows what the cause of the illness was.

Beer glass explodes on camera in ‘haunted’ pub…

Beer glass explodes on camera in ‘haunted’ pub – Unexplained Mysteries: undefined

David Paulides is Back on the Trail of Bigfoot…

David Paulides is Back on the Trail of Bigfoot and Sasquatch: undefined

Strange Ray of Light emerges from the sky in R…

Strange Ray of Light emerges from the sky in Russia captured on Camera

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 12:29 AM PDT

Russian photographer Zhiganov, who initially planned to photograph some of his friends lounging in a hot tub with the aurora overhead in the city of Aptity, Russia quickly changed when he noticed a strange phenomenon, explained as a vertical aurora, in the sky upon he started to film it.

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This one is taken in my downstairs. The timestamp on my recorder puts this at around 3 am. No one should be whistling!