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COAST TO COAST AM – Strange & Unexplained:

A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.


Stella Lansing: The Occupants

Stella Lansing was a middle-aged housewife from Massachusetts who in 1961 began experiencing strange and otherworldly events that over time led her down a bizarre path of UFOs, strange humanoid creatures, Men In Black, and visions of other worlds. She managed to capture most of these on different types of film. She traveled all over the States and seemed to capture strange things everywhere she went.

The picture above (left) is of 3 men that she took near her home in Munson Hill, MA. None of these three men were in the room when the picture was taken. The photo has baffled photo specialists for decades. It was nicknamed “The Occupants.” The picture on the right is an artist’s cleaned up version. It was later discovered that when the image was transferred to video tape, unidentified voices started to appear, which is interesting because her 8mm camera could not record audio. The voices appear to belong to the unidentified men, but sadly the audio is too fuzzy to make out what is being said. (Listen to it here).

Stella Lansing is such an interesting case, but there isn’t much information about her. However, Berthold Schwarz, a psychiatrist/researcher specializing in the paranormal, has written an interesting paper about her:

Schwarz, B.E. (1976), “UFO contactee Stella Lansing: possible medical implications of her motion picture experiments”, The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, 23 (2): 60–8, PMID 780328


Summer UFOs

Summer is a great time to get out and do some great UFO hunting!

-have you seen a UFO this summer?

-have you seen a UFO ever?

-had a weird “paranormal” experience that you think might be tied to extraterrestrials?

-have a question about what you saw and need some help defining it?

-just need a friendly ear to talk about your experiences to make you feel less alone?

My inbox, asks and submissions are always open.

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Ep-14 – (Interview Only) with David Paulides on The Black Vault Radio w/ John Greenewald, Jr.

Due to the overwhelming demand for this interview, I have output a different show for JUST the interview with Mr. David Paulides.  The other show has a lot of other content, and some users on YouTube did not realize they stumbled on a larger show.

So, therefore, here you go – interview only 😉

On Episode #14 of The Black Vault Radio, the founder of the CanAm Missing Project and the author of the Missing 411 line of books, Mr. David Paulides, steps into The Vault.

He explores the tragic and emotional circumstances behind mysterious disappearances of people in the wild. 

He dives into how the U.S. Government may be neglecting some very important pieces of evidence that may help solve these mysteries.

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Mysterious Blue Flash of Light Seen over Dallas, Texas:


Could this flash of light be related to the mystery boom phenomenon?