Spook Of The Day #067 • The Ghost Of Jane Seymour Looks For Redemption (Hampton Court)

Henry VIII’s wives are used to being known as just that – his wives. Rarely are they considered in their own light and away from their husband, but today’s post seeks to take down the patriarchy one ghost story at a time.

It is claimed on the anniversary of her son’s birth that you will see her draped in a white robe and holding a candle as she traipses up a staircase of Hampton Court that is currently locked away to the public.

And it seems she is doomed to continue this year upon year – only when she earns forgiveness from Anne Boleyn will her spirit be at peace.

Gonna be a long walk, I’m afraid.

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Death and the Maiden II
By @egregoredesign

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5,000 Year-Old Anatolian Sword Discovered On Venetian Island: undefined




HauntingLIVE! – in Thunder Bay, Ontario – Part 4 by: HauntingLIVE! OGPS FILMING


Colombia’s Haunted Hotel del Salto. It was abandoned due to the river contamination nearby and is now a popular place to commit suicide(since its really high up). Whether or not it’s actually haunted, this is the most haunted looking building I have ever seen.




Hey friends!

I have decided to start offering tarot readings again. 

What? The tarot is an interesting system of divination that uses symbolism, mythology, and psychology to examine topics and issues from varying perspectives. Whether you approach it from a mystical, psychedelic, psychological, or philosophical standpoint, it can be a fun and insightful way to gain new understandings. 

How? Use the Donate button on my blog page to give money or send it through Paypal to the address In the section marked “Purpose,” specify if you have a specific question or wish for a general reading.

I will respond to the email address linked to the paypal account you are using unless otherwise specified.

Each reading will include:
A picture of your tarot card or spread
My written interpretation of what is being conveyed by the tarot
I will answer any follow-up questions you may have via email as time permits

If there are any issues or technical difficulties, you can also send me a message on Tumblr or email me at Ben(at)

Single Tarot Card Reading: $4
Five Card Tarot Reading: $20

If you are seeking perspective on the general vibe of the week, month, or season, then a single tarot card reading is perfectly good. 

If you have a specific question or want a more elaborate understanding of your general situation, then a five card reading is probably better. 

But do as you will and thanks so much for your support!


“As a first Tarot reading I have to say I’m very impressed! All of this confirms what I have been struggling with…I also feel very much encouraged that I will find what I am looking for”

“I really appreciate this reading, it is 100% accurate…WOW! I am aware of this situation and have been working on it the last few months.
Your interpretation and advice is very good and will be useful… thank you so much!”

“Everything hit really close to home, so I couldn’t stop the tears that came over me as I read. I really appreciate this. I will take your thoughts and keep them in mind as I move forward.”

“I feel like you’re my next door neighbor, and you know me very well.”

“This is extremely spot on and what I needed to hear, while painful to acknowledge. At the same time, it’s brimming with hope…”

“I mostly did it for fun and to support you, with little expectation of what you might tell me.  I have to say it feels very accurate – eerily so.  How does that work? Each part of your Tarot reading fits a piece of my current situation and makes me feel I am on the right path – but have some ways to go.  That is fine with me and I am encouraged.  Thank you for that.”

Namaste 🙂

Now that I am back from my away rotations and have some more time, I’d be happy to do more readings! Student life has me constantly hemorrhaging money 😅 Your support is always sincerely valued.

I’m chillin these days so readings are being done in a more timely manner 😇 Thanks to everyone who has requested readings so far!



Love the chaos

Revolving door: my anxiety and racing thoughts
Guy with mop hiding in the corner trying his best to clean up the mess: me


Gloomy winterday.


A weathered grave that has turned dark due to the effects of acid rain. Just a small area is still light enough to see. Once upon a time this monument was white.

Sheffield Center Cemetery

Sheffield MA 2/26/20