Stella Lansing: The Occupants

Stella Lansing was a middle-aged housewife from Massachusetts who in 1961 began experiencing strange and otherworldly events that over time led her down a bizarre path of UFOs, strange humanoid creatures, Men In Black, and visions of other worlds. She managed to capture most of these on different types of film. She traveled all over the States and seemed to capture strange things everywhere she went.

The picture above (left) is of 3 men that she took near her home in Munson Hill, MA. None of these three men were in the room when the picture was taken. The photo has baffled photo specialists for decades. It was nicknamed “The Occupants.” The picture on the right is an artist’s cleaned up version. It was later discovered that when the image was transferred to video tape, unidentified voices started to appear, which is interesting because her 8mm camera could not record audio. The voices appear to belong to the unidentified men, but sadly the audio is too fuzzy to make out what is being said. (Listen to it here).

Stella Lansing is such an interesting case, but there isn’t much information about her. However, Berthold Schwarz, a psychiatrist/researcher specializing in the paranormal, has written an interesting paper about her:

Schwarz, B.E. (1976), “UFO contactee Stella Lansing: possible medical implications of her motion picture experiments”, The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, 23 (2): 60–8, PMID 780328


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Are Graveyards Dangerous?

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Why do our minds sometimes miss the obvious when it comes to the paranormal? Only able to fully grasp the gravity of a ghostly experience when reviewing what happened in the past?
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There are many spiritual people you know who think they have a
mission. They have come to save the world. They can’t even save
themselves, and they’re looking to save the world. The world will go on
the way it’s going on without your help, for or against. Leave the world

The worst thing you can ever do is to search for
enlightenment, for liberation. This keeps you back. It keeps you back
because there is a self that is searching. There is an I that is
searching. There is a me that is trying to become something, and the
whole idea is to remove something from your consciousness. Therefore,
the process of realization is removal, not adding.

Removing this
and removing that. Removing all concepts and all preconceived ideas.
Removing all of your thoughts, no matter what kind of thoughts they are.
Good thoughts, bad thoughts, they all must go. And what is left will be
nothing, no-thing. You are that. You are that no-thing.

it feel good to be nothing, instead of believing you are thoughts, and
you are human, and you have a job to fulfill, and you have a mission?

– Robert Adams


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