Races from beyond the world have faced what this world is now facing. That is why exploitation of the Earth now and intervention are being carried on with such determination, carried on without the use of force. For these few nations who are engaged in this do not want to further degrade the world through conflict and will rely upon human labor and cooperation to succeed in gaining control here. They do not want to destroy humanity, but to use humanity for their own purposes. And since conquest is not allowed in this part of the universe, other means must be sought: deception and persuasion—far greater weapons than you realize.

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Allies of Humanity: www.AlliesofHumanity.org

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Peculiar Occurrences is getting it’s own channel Important update for fans  

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“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

— Katherine Henson



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In the winter forest… by Rericha


In Japanese folklore, hitodama are atmospheric ghost lights that are said to be the souls of people which have separated from the dead body. The name “hitodama” means “human soul.”

The hitodama are said to fly along at night, and are generally blue , orange or red. A tail tails behind them, distinguishing them from similar spirits such as onibi.

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